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Discover China – Travel documentation

The count down has begun.

Next week will be great fun.

If you don’t want to left behind,

Turn in your ID/passport for peace of mind.

We need the real thing,

Not just some floppy copy.

Give it to the Leader of your Trip

Who lock it away in a folder with a zip.





More Volunteering Experiences

In addition to these positions:

  • Volleyball Scorekeepers are STILL needed. Oct. 24-26th. Sign up in Activities Office.
  • The Knitting Clubs – Day 2, lunch 1. Sign up on Veracross.
  • The Autumn Festival – Nov. 2nd. Sign up on Veracross.
  • RFG Christmas Market – Dec 6 – 7th. Sign up on Thursday on Veracross.
  • Art Therapy. Fridays, November 25th – June 5th. Sign up on Veracross.

We need volunteers to help supervise:

  • Parkour ASA – Sign up on Veracross.
  • Outdoor Survival ASA (Wilderness Engagement) Sign up on Veracross.
  • Gymnastics ASA – Sign up on Veracross.

Please stop by the Activities Office if you have ideas for even more opportunities to get involved.

Ms Anna


Volunteers Needed

Please sign up in the Activities Office:

  • ACAMIS Volleyball Scorekeepers are STILL needed. Oct. 24-26th.


Please sign up on Veracross for the following opportunities:

  • The Knitting Clubs needs people to sew on labels. Day 2, lunch 1.

  • The Autumn Festival needs lots of Student Volunteers. Nov. 2nd.

  • RFG Christmas Market will also need helpers on Dec 6 – 7th.

  • The Pfrang Giving Tree needs students to help sell cards. All of November/December.

  • Art Therapy. Fridays, November 25th – June 5th Teach art to students at Migrant school.



Semester One is nearly done. Have you participated in at least ONE volunteering experience?

We urgently need people to score keep for ACAMIS volleyball! Please come by the office to sign up for Score Keeping. All other experiences will be available on Veracross soon.



Discover China Meetings

On Friday, after registration/roll call, students and chaperones will meet in the following rooms to talk about the upcoming amazing experience that awaits you:

Hangzhou – Mr Baker – Design Center

Huangshan – Mr Dutton Blue gym

Taishan – Mr Winstanley – D210

Beijing – Ms Crème D346

Moganshan – Mr Snyder – D212

Shaolin – Ms Moen D213

Xiamen – Ms Keus – M252 (music room)

Yangshuo – Mr Steven Green gym



Volunteer Now!

Saturday, October 12, 5-7pm

3 volunteers in Grades 9 or 10 needed to help at the Jazz Festival. One person needs to collect tickets, another needs to give directions and another to check tickets based on the registration list. After your job, you are free to attend the concert. The supervisor will be Ms Sue Northcott.

Possible learning outcomes:

Challenge and new skills

Strength and growth



Please sign up on Veracross


Thursday – Saturday Oct 24-26

Score Keepers for ACAMIS Volleyball

Grades 9-11 (grade 11s must sign up for 1 session during the school day and 1 on Saturday)

Volunteers are needed to help score keep at the ACAMIS Volleyball Tournament.

The supervisor will be Ms Anna (

Possible learning outcomes:

Challenge and new skills

Strength and growth



Commitment and perseverance

Please sign up in the Activities Office.


Slideshow Maker, Friday-Saturday October 26th

Need 1 student in grade 10 or 11 to make a slideshow of the volleyball tournament that will be shown on the Saturday evening. The supervisor will be Ms Anna ( Your task involves selecting photos representative of all the teams and pairing it with appropriate music

Possible learning outcomes:

Challenge and new skills

Strength and growth



Initiative and planning

Commitment and perseverance



Please sign up for MS Choir on Veracross!

During choir, students will get to choose and learn a variety of songs. You will practice voice techniques, learn about song structure, harmony and experience performing in front of live audiences. If you play a musical instrument let’s incorporate that into our performances, where possible.

Sewing machine and Fabric Remnants Wanted

Do you have a sewing machine that we could borrow for a couple of months?

We’d like to borrow one or two more sewing machine for a sewing project for grades 4 and 5 who will be make pencil cases to sell. All proceeds will go to the Pfrang Association.

We are also in need of any fabric that you no longer need. Please contact Ms Anna in the Activities Office.

Grade 4 and 5 Volunteers needed.

Six volunteers from grades 4 and 5 are needed to help sew pencil cases for the Pfrang Association.

The finished product will be sold at the Christmas Bazaar.

The money raised will be donated to the Pfrang Association to support students who cannot afford to go to school.

This activity will take place at lunch time, the day is to be confirmed.

You will learn how to cut fabric and then sew the pieces together with a sewing machine.

Here is what the finished product will look like:

If you are interested, please tell your teacher and they could email me your names.

Questions? Please come find Ms Anna in the Activities Office.

We Need You!

Saturday, Sept 21st!

We need 4 more volunteers for the swim meet from 8.45 am – 11:15am,

One volunteer is needed for Volleyball from 1.15pm – 3.30pm.

Please sign up on Veracross before it’s tooooooo late.

Need a CAS Project????

Have your started your CAS project yet???

Here are some projects that need leaders:

  • Volunteer Organiser for the L2 Conference
  • Organiser for the Santa Fun Run
  • Volunteer Coordinator for the Royal Family Christmas Market
  •  Organisers for the the Giving Tree

Come by the Activities Office to speak to Ms Anna today! 


Swim Meet Volunteers Needed

This Saturday we are hosting a Swim Meet.

We need a few more volunteers…. 

but more importantly we are looking for 1 student who is super organised and can manage a team of 8 volunteers at a time. Please stop by to see Ms Anna today.


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