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Grade 12 CAS interviews

A reminder to G12 students and advisors:

CAS interviews must be uploaded onto Veracross before 4pm, on Thursday Jan 23.

All CAS summaries and reflections are due Jan 31st at 4pm.

Nearly there…..

Volunteering Opportunities for Semester 2

Sign up on Veracross at 10.15 am for these 2 volunteering opportunities:

Activities Office Volunteer – 4 students, grades 6

Today (Tuesday 21st January) at 12.30 – 1.00pm

D224  – Ms Anna

We need students to sort and fold uniforms.

Possible Learning Outcomes (You can only choose one and must be one that you didn’t already chose.)

  • Challenge and new skill
  • Commitment and perseverance
  • Strength and Growth
  • Collaboration


(NON)-NEAMC Volunteer – 4 students, grades 7

Thursday 13th February at 3:15 – 4:15pm

 D241 – Ms Merrylees

For the Maths Competition, we need to put together stationery kits and ultimo games straight after CNY. It requires VERY accurate and consistent counting skills. It will probably be 1 hour.

Possible Learning Outcomes (You can only choose one and must be one that you didn’t already chose.)

  • Commitment and perseverance
  • Strength and Growth
  • Collaboration

Service Grants and Awards

If you are interested in applying for the following awards, please stop by the Activities Office for more information before January 24th.

EARCOS Global Citizenship Award & Community Service Grant

Richard T. Krajczar Humanitarian Award

ACAMIS Service Grant

Let’s play Mahjong or Rummikub

When you are in China, you’ve got to learn to play Mahjong! It’s similar to Rummikub. While learn one game, when you can learn two!

Wednesday in D224 – Lunch 1.

Open to staff and students.

(Updating your) ManageBac on Mondays!

How many Learning Outcomes can you choose?

Do you have evidence?

What do you write in your reflection?

Please drop by to D224 during Student Office Hours to get the answers. We can also check your Service or CAS entries.

Stay for 5 minutes or 20 or as long as you need.


How could a sum of money help you achieve your Service as Action project or your CAS project????

You can apply to ACAMIS for a grant. That means, if you win, you get money for your project. Money that you don’t have to pay back.

ACAMIS Service Learning Grants have been established to provide financial support for student initiatives in service learning in the ACAMIS host countries, China and Mongolia.

In 2017 – Cathy won $1000 USD to teach students at the Middle School next door to play rugby.

In 2019 – Felicity won $1500 USD for her knitting project.

Awards are made to individuals or groups that require students to:

  • Apply academic, social and personal skills to support and improve the community;
  • Make decisions that will lead to authentic outcomes;
  • Grow as individuals and increase community engagement;
  • Gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their community, and society; and
  • Demonstrate their abilities while and through helping others.

Check out the website for more info:

Please go see Ms Anna in the Activities Office for more info and help. You must her know before January 24th if you are interested in applying.

More Money!!!!! Up to 2500 USD!

Do you have an INNOVATIVE idea that solves a problem for other people but you need money to get it started? up to 2500 USD!!!!!!

Apply for The Koerschen Award which is meant to provide a means of encouraging or stimulating innovation.

The criteria

  • Apply academic, social, and personal skills to create an innovative program, system, activity, or service for their school community;
  • Work within groups to apply creativity to achieve authentic outcomes;
  • Gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their community, and their school;
  • Demonstrate leadership while guiding a team to solve problems and work collaboratively while helping others.

You only need an idea. It’s okay if you haven’t started yet. You just need a plan/proposal.

Check out the website for more info:

Please let me know if you are interested before January 24th.

Stop by the Activities Office for assistance.

ACAMIS Chinese New Year Cards Challenge


It is once again time to celebrate the new year in China!  Students of all ages from ACAMIS member schools are invited to participate.

This is not a competition, it is an opportunity for students to design something with a specific purpose and learn from the process.

A top selection will be selected from each division of the school (Primary, Middle, Secondary) and will be displayed on the ACAMIS Homepage. They will also be included in the upcoming ACAMIS in Action Newsletter to be share with all member schools.

For grades 10 and 11, this could count as a Creativity Experience for CAS!

Here is how to participate:

1. Open to all grades and classes (not just art!) from K-12.

2. Participating schools will select a single submission for up to three grade levels (Primary, Middle, and Secondary).

3. Submissions should be medium resolution for digital viewing (around 120 ppi).

4. Submissions should be in either jpeg or pdf format.

5. No student or school names should appear in the greeting card.

6. Please include the words: “ACAMIS” and a positive, new year greeting in the design.

7. Upload artwork via this Padlet link:

Password:  ACE2020

Good Luck.


ManageBac will close on January 10th.

Please finish writing up the descriptions, goals, reflections, and evidence.

Grades 6-10 can only choose ONE outcome per experience.

ManageBac will close on January 10th.


Staff Room – Paint fumes and paint drops!

Thank you all for help tidying up our shared Staff Room. Over the holiday, the Staff Room will have a little makeover. So please take your treasured possessions and tuck them into your offices or rooms. I would hate for your snacks to imbued with paint fumes or for your mugs to be covered in paint drops….New colours for a brand New Year!

January 10th – IMPORTANT DATE

It’s happening on January 10th!

ManageBac will be closed/locked/inaccessible/impenetrable!

Please fill out your SA, Volunteering or CAS experiences before January 10th- that means description, SMART goal, ONE learning outcome (unless you are in DP), reflections and evidence are uploaded.

If you need a little support and or a big nudge, please pop in to see Ms Anna ASAP.


Grade 10 SA – Global Goal #3 Good Health and Wellbeing

As per a previous email, the following students will be on a field trip (Wednesday) from 1.15 – 4.30pm:

  • Geonyoung
  • Pierson
  • Gianluca
  • Fan
  • Lennard
  • Minseo
  • Jinhyung
  • Ting-Wei (Ruby)
  • Kai
  • Zoey
  • Chaeyun
  • Gimin
  • Yixing (Eason)

They will be interacting with children at a migrant school teaching them about Oral Hygiene.


UPDATE – Knitting for a Cause

A group of students and teachers working with Felicity have made


hats. These hats will now be put into the Giving Tree Bags.

The group will continue to knit hats for next year’s Giving Tree Campaign.

Come along, learn to knit and socialise!

2020 Cultural Convention in Suzhou!

Sign up on Veracross to join an awesome Cultural Convention with students from all over China. Participate in one of the following workshops:

  •             Drama – devising with masks
  •             Dance – modern ballet
  •             Singing
  •             Soul band
  •             Percussion Group
  •             Visual Arts and Mindfulness
  •             Escape rooms, Puzzles and Games
  •             Photography
  •             Robotics

This event is hosted by Suzhou’s International School (SSIS) and will take place on February 28 and 29th. Please sign up before December 4th.

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