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Updating ManageBac

January 10th is the deadline

So don’t forget to go online

to record your reflections

that show how your recollections

of your experiences

show the differences

that you made

‘cos you are not afraid.

If you want feedback,

fill out your ManageBac.


You only have 4 chances left to volunteer at NIS:

  • Nov 30 – NIC Benefit Concert Volunteer – Sign up on Veracross.
  • Nov 30 – Invitation Basketball Scorekeeper – Sign up on Veracross.
  • Nov 30 – Performer for the NIC Benefit Concert -See Miss Keus
  • Dec 7-8 – Swim Meet Volunteer – Sign up on Veracross.


Discover China Photos/videos

We hope you took some photos during your week. Please upload them here at FULL IMAGE SIZE/HIGH RESOLUTION so they can be used in the Yearbook and for future posters and advertising (photos should be at least more than 300 kb).

smb:// China Trip Photos

Please click on your click trip and create a new folder with your name.




Discover China Survey

So what did you like about Discover China? We want to know.

What can be changed to make the trips better? We want to know.

You should have received an email with a link to the survey.

The survey is anonymous but you might consider taking screen shots of the survey to use as your final reflection on ManageBac…

Discover China 2019

Weeks before, some people moan and complain

Switches are wanted, thoughts RC does entertain.

the FINAL staffing changes again and again

while Trip Beijing switches to an overnight train.


Three former trip leaders are on Yangshuo

following the orders of the legend Scott-o.


Xiamen, Yangshuo students flew off their bikes

Some do camping following a long hike.


Running in the mornings, caving in the dark

Hiking to lookouts without leaving a mark.


Conquering their fears, students reached the top,

They reached the chicken and quickly yelled “STOP!”


They challenged themselves and surprised us all,

Colours were revealed but everyone had a ball.


They built fences, mended walls, gathered trash,

Others played games and taught an English class.


They discovered sans phone they could survive;

For pockets of time, students were alive.


The haiku challenge came to an end.

One of the winners is J. Hammond.


We recovered a phone and a dropped passport.

Thanks to everyone who held down the fort.




Extended Advisory – Discover China Meetings

After roll, please make your way to following rooms to finalise details about the  upcoming amazing experience that awaits you:

Hangzhou – Mr Baker – Design Center

Huangshan – Mr Dutton 2nd floor Cafeteria

Taishan – Mr Winstanley – D210

Beijing – Ms Crème D346

Moganshan – Mr Snyder – D212

Shaolin – Ms Moen D213

Xiamen – Ms Keus – M252 (music room)

Yangshuo – Mr Steven Cafeteria

Discover China – Travel documentation

The count down has begun.

Next week will be great fun.

If you don’t want to left behind,

Turn in your ID/passport for peace of mind.

We need the real thing,

Not just some floppy copy.

Give it to the Leader of your Trip

Who lock it away in a folder with a zip.




More Volunteering Experiences

In addition to these positions:

  • Volleyball Scorekeepers are STILL needed. Oct. 24-26th. Sign up in Activities Office.
  • The Knitting Clubs – Day 2, lunch 1. Sign up on Veracross.
  • The Autumn Festival – Nov. 2nd. Sign up on Veracross.
  • RFG Christmas Market – Dec 6 – 7th. Sign up on Thursday on Veracross.
  • Art Therapy. Fridays, November 25th – June 5th. Sign up on Veracross.

We need volunteers to help supervise:

  • Parkour ASA – Sign up on Veracross.
  • Outdoor Survival ASA (Wilderness Engagement) Sign up on Veracross.
  • Gymnastics ASA – Sign up on Veracross.

Please stop by the Activities Office if you have ideas for even more opportunities to get involved.

Ms Anna

Volunteers Needed

Please sign up in the Activities Office:

  • ACAMIS Volleyball Scorekeepers are STILL needed. Oct. 24-26th.


Please sign up on Veracross for the following opportunities:

  • The Knitting Clubs needs people to sew on labels. Day 2, lunch 1.

  • The Autumn Festival needs lots of Student Volunteers. Nov. 2nd.

  • RFG Christmas Market will also need helpers on Dec 6 – 7th.

  • The Pfrang Giving Tree needs students to help sell cards. All of November/December.

  • Art Therapy. Fridays, November 25th – June 5th Teach art to students at Migrant school.


Semester One is nearly done. Have you participated in at least ONE volunteering experience?

We urgently need people to score keep for ACAMIS volleyball! Please come by the office to sign up for Score Keeping. All other experiences will be available on Veracross soon.


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