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Post INSET thank you

Thank you to everyone for your enthusiasm and deep thinking over the course of INSET week – including the limericks and doodles 🙂
A special thanks to Arek and his amazing facilities team for preparation of venues throughout the week, and for the Friday celebration. Thank you to Chartwells for the delicious spread on Friday. Thank you to Amy for devising such a beautiful schedule.
A gigantic thank you to all of the conference session and iPad redefinition leaders. And deep gratitude to Marina, Kasson, and Juan.

A survey requesting feedback on February INSET will be sent out soon.

I wish you a great week of student learning inspired by some of the profound discussion that took place over the week.


Good morning – welcome to Day 5 of INSET,

I hope that everyone enjoyed a stimulating day yesterday!

After PLTs, enjoy the final two conference sessions this week. The choices of sessions can be seen in both foyers and in the screen shots below. As there have been a couple of changes since Monday, please check for these updates.




Thank you enormously for all of our colleagues who have shared their passions with us this week.

And finally – our teachers certainly have rhythm and rhyme! Please make any further contributions to the limericks and other poems by 1:00pm today. Check out the NIS talent on Office 365.

See you all for our INSET celebration in the PAC at 3:00.



Good morning!

Enjoy a day of creative thinking, exploring new frontiers and possibilities to enhance our students’ learning and our own professional growth.

When you have a natural break in your “flow” (see Csikszentmihalyi) – check out the growing repertoire of limericks on Office 365!

Friday morning promises to be another exciting day of conference sessions – see the final updated version attached here. These is also posted in both foyers.

Friday afternoon, we’ll gather in the PAC at 3:00 for a celebration of the week and of our new creative undertakings. There will be an opportunity for some informal sharing, drinks and some light refreshments.

Have an original day,

Models to Facilitate Inquiry

If you would like to attend Nickie’s session this afternoon, please bring your laptop and a hard copy or virtual model (ie. graphs, tables, pictures showing vocabulary, diagrams, shapes, patterns, mind maps, flow charts, etc.) that you hope your students will be able to understand and explain.

Have a great day!

Day 2 of INSET

Good morning!

Please see the attached screen shots for today’s conference sessions.

Remember to Tweet your experiences, and log into Office 365 or check the white boards for today’s Limerick prompts.

Have a great day two,

7 Norms of Collaboration sessions

All staff, please bring your laptop to today’s session on the 7 Norms of Collaboration this morning. You will need to access documents via email.
Thank you,

INSET – Monday

Welcome back and welcome to INSET!

To kick off our exciting week, please meet in the PAC at 8:15.

Each morning the schedule for the current and next day will be posted in the Centre Foyer.

There have already been a few changes to the week’s plans – I will send out the updated full schedule by Monday lunch.

One important change to Tuesday is that the presenter from Essential Learning Group (ELG) will not be able to lead the Speech-Language session on Tuesday. In her place, Dr Shari Rosen will lead this session at 10:40, and will offer a second session Tuesday afternoon at 1:45. Dr Rosen is the founder of ELG, a Speech-Language Pathologist, and was the 2014 recipient of the SENIA Advocacy Award.

SHARING YOUR EXPERIENCES: You should have received an email with a link to “INSET – experiences”. If you have already logged in to Office 365, click on the first link. If this is your first time, click on the In a hurry? Use this guest link.. Once you have opened the page, to edit, click on “Edit in browser” or “Edit document —> in Word Online”.

As there are so many opportunities for choice this week, please share your experiences.

Have an inspiring INSET week,

Tech Committee – TODAY!

Hello all,

Come and join us TODAY for our next “Tech Committee”- “New Literacies Teach-Meet”

What: A relaxed, sharing, spurring ideas group
Where: Design | Strategy Room (C115)
When: 1:10 – 2:00pm Friday, February 13, 2015
Who: All teachers, TAs, and staff are welcome
Why: To bounce ideas off one another.
How: Please pick up your lunch and bring it along. Feel free to drop in late if you pass by and see us chatting.
To Share: Please add items here –

  • Do you use interesting programs, subscriptions, or online resources in class that you would like to share with others?
  • How about an app that would be useful for learning or life?
  • Do you employ techniques for teaching that others should know about?
  • Are there things you would just like to share?

INSET – lunch provided

Dear Colleagues, Please note that lunch is provided by the school for all 5 days of INSET. Please see the attached menu.
If you have specific dietary needs, please contact Annie at Chartwells before the end of this week.
Thank you,

Inset Week Lunch.pdf

February INSET schedule

Good morning,

Please see attached the schedule for INSET February 23-27. Special thanks to all conference session leaders, and to Amy Keus who designed the layout for the schedule and conference.

Have a wonderful Wednesday,

Feb INSET 2015.pdf

C&S Opportunity During CNY

Are you facing a long and cold Chinese New Year at home? Have all your friends gone away on the ski trip? Would you like to help someone and improve their life? Well don’t hesitate, contact Mr Marsh before Thursday for details to find out how you can help out this holiday by simply giving up a little time to entertain/be entertained by a 3 year old in our community who has just recently lost all his belongings. It may be in the morning and/or the afternoon and will help put a smile on the faces of 2 members of our community.
Thank you in advance for your support

Robin Marsh
Product Design Teacher robinmarsh
Nanjing International School
ph 86 25 85899111 / Fax +86 25 85899222
NIS: Inspiring International Mindedness, Personal Excellence, Creative Thinking

NIS Code of Conduct

Dear Colleagues,
Please see the updated Code of Conduct based on teacher feedback. This will be discussed at the Mar 24 whole school faculty meeting, and then prepared for signing shortly thereafter.

NIS Code of Conduct.pdf

Updated Teacher & Class Timetables – PLEASE CHECK

Good morning,

Please see the updated Teacher and Class Timetables that reflect chnages in all 3 sections of the school. Please send any inaccuracies to Andrew Messom and cc me.

All Teacher Timetables in Veracross should now be accurate. Please communicate any inaccuracies to Samantha, and cc me.

Thank you – have a great week!

HR Timetables 2015 February-June.pdf

Teacher Timetablse Feb-June2015.pdf

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