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Student Council Members Lunch Today

Dear Colleagues


The following members of Student Council are allowed to go into the Cafeteria to get lunch today during the PYP Lunch 1 as they will be meeting most of lunch and this will happen every Tuesday for the year.


Grade 6

Oscar Fitzgerald

Will Felton


Grade 7

Siya Chabra

Saelyn Hwangbo


Grade 8

Erica Hwang

Sunny Cho

Summer Hsia


Grade 9

Chloe Lee


Grade 10

Luigi Pizzolito

Paul Meyer

Andy He

Alice Zhang

SoHyun Youn

Sunny Bae

Hyelyn Hwangbo

Yoonji Chae


Grade 11

Angela Chen

Michelle Qing


Thank you


StuCo Advisory Liaison

please read this message from the student council and read to your advises today:


The student council is looking for advisory liaison for each advisory. Please choose one person for your advisory, write the name on the piece of paper in the envelope that was delivered to you, with your advisories selection by Tuesday 4th September at 8:10.


(Note: The advisory liaison should have we-chat for contact)

Who will be the President and do you want to join Student Council?

Hello MS/US students!

Please note that tomorrow you will be able to vote for the Student Council President / Vice President !!!

 The candidates are:  


Chi (Summer) Hsia (G8)

Hyelyn Hwangbo (G10)

Lara G. Damasceno (G9) 

Yoonji Chae (G10)


But also:

Do you want to help the school?

Do you want to be your classmates’ voice?

Do you want to work on some great projects!

Join the Student Council !!!

If you are interested, please email with your name and grade before Friday, August 24, 5:00p.m.

You will then receive further details on Friday Afternoon!

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