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Feed-Forward Today (and/or tomorrow!)

Our Feed-Forward Fishbowl (just up the stairs from the Library) has been “swimming” with inputs over the past two days! Please consider this a second invitation to “take the dive” and feed-forward your online learning practices, give SET some feedback on our goals, and share your thanks with one another. We’ll plan to leave it up until after-school on Thursday and move the gratitude pages into the PAC for sharing on Friday afternoon.

Reminder: Full Day Friday

A friendly reminder to students that Friday will be a full school day with dismissal at the usual times. Of course we will still have our assemblies, House Shield presentation, and yearbook signing, but this year we will add Break, Lunch, and some extra time with your teachers. Please remind your parents :-). Thanks!

Decluttering Today!

Please have a look in the PAC today for hidden treasures that can be put to use a learning materials for next school year and beyond. Cheers!

Decluttering Begins Today!

Our annual decluttering begins today. Please feel empowered to bring down any and all school-purchased items sitting in your learning spaces that are gathering dust and can be put to good use by a colleague. Our facilities crew will make a lap this afternoon starting at 3:21pm to gather items with this sign. Thanks for contributing and happy shopping!

Decluttering is coming!

Our annual decluttering event will begin one week from today!

Collections and drop-offs will begin next Wednesday.

Start decluttering now! 

Briefing Monday is On

Happy Friday, All.

A heads-up that Monday Briefing is on for next week in the PAC during Break, as usual.

See you there and then!

Monday Briefing in the PAC

Hello All,

Monday Briefing will be held in the PAC at Break on Monday, May 18th (10:20am). Tea, Coffee, Snacks, and the usual host of insightful announcements will be on offer.

See you there!

No Monday Staff Briefing Today

Good Morning All,

We will not have a staff briefing today. We will run these bi-weekly for now, meaning our next gathering in the PAC will be Monday, May 18th,

Many thanks!

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