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Science Fair – Grade 9 off timetable all day

Hi all,

On Tuesday 9th all of the Grade 9 students will be in the PAC all day for the Science Fair.

They will not attend their scheduled classes on this day. Enjoy the extra report writing time on me 😉

(If we finish packing up early before the end of block 5, then they may return to their Service groups for the final few minutes).

They will also be setting up in the PAC during block 5 on Monday 8th. Please let me know if this’ll be a problem.


Grade 9 🔭 Science Fair Launch 🚀

Ladies and Gentlemen in Grade 9

Here comes your opportunity to apply and showcase all of the scientific inquiry skills you’ve developed this year.

Please come to the LGR at the start of Lunch 2 on Tuesday 28th April (Day 1) for the launch of the final project of the year!

OneNote Workshop

If anyone would like to get to know OneNote a little better, I’m running a little workshop on Wednesday lunchtime, in D203. Everyone is welcome, though my focus will be on the basics for those unfamiliar with OneNote Class Notebooks.

We will cover:

-How to navigate the OneNote app

-Setting up OneNote Class Notebooks

-Troubleshooting common issues

-Examples of ‘best’ (my) practice.

Please bring your MacBook, and feel free to bring some lunch – we’ll start at 1pm to allow time to grab some grub.

Calling all Vegetarians🥗 and Omnivores🍖

[A message from Luke You in Grade 11]

If you are either a vegetarian or an omnivore, please help me with my extended essay project! I’m aiming to find out if a person’s diet affects their training performance when performing a simple exercise, comparing meat-eaters with non-meat-eaters.
What I’ll ask you to do:
A simple daily workout that doesn’t require more then 3 min per day, and will be completed within 3 weeks.
Please contact me if you’re interested or for more information. Open to both students and teachers.
Luke(Huai-Ren) You

OneNote 101

My students and I have found OneNote to be a very useful learning and collaboration platform. It can do so much more than reduce your paper usage!

OneNote for Teachers

If you’d like to know more about what OneNote can do for your classroom, or how to set up and manage a Class Notebook, I’d be more than happy to run a workshop with interested colleagues.

Please fill out this very short survey to help me tailor a workshop and I’ll get back to you.

Here’s a link to the survey, incase the embeded version below does not work.

G6-8 Inter-house Basketball ?

This week will see one of the most popular and eagerly anticipated events of the Inter House calendar: G6-8 Basketball!?

Will Wutaishan❤️ whup the competition? Are Taiping? going to take the lead? Or can Xuanwu? shwoosh the most baskets?

To all our basketball big-shots: speak to your house captains, get your name on the list! Each house needs one girls team⛹?‍♀️ and one boys team⛹?. Maximum team size: 5. No maximum squad size.

To all our spectator superstars, come along and support your house on Tuesday (2nd May) at lunchtime in the gym. See you there!



Inter House Badminton – G6-8, G9-12 – Next Week

Ladies and Gentlemen,

???Interhouse Badminton is coming next week!???

House captains: get your teams together. Secret Badminton superstars: speak to your house captains.

2 competitions: Gr 6 – 8 and Gr 9 – 12

     •       Grade 6 – 8   Teams of 6: 3 girls and 3 boys

     •       Grade 9 – 12 Teams of 8: 4 boys and 4 girls

Pencil it in your schedules?! Add it to your calendar?! Set a reminder on your phone?!

Come along and cheer your team to victory! Show some house spirit by wearing your house shirt?❤️?.

See you, Wednesday* first lunch, in the gym


Inta-House Speeling Compatition – Thurzday 19th

This Thursday lunchtime in Mr Battye’s room, the first competition of 2017… ?Inter-House Spelling!?‍?

Get your teams together. From each house:

  • 2 girls and 2 boys in G6-8?‍?
  • 2 girls and 2 boys in G9-12?‍?

Teams work in pairs and can be mixed. 20 seconds to spell each word, a point for each correct answer.

The scores are incredibly close, could this be the competition that gives your house the lead they’ll carry through to the end of the year? Even if you aren’t spelling, come along and (quietly) cheer your team to victory!

Suggested reading: The Dictionary

Next House Event: Touch ?? Rugby ? 6-8

Ladies and Gents,

The next house event is coming up, next Thursday!??❤️

House Captains of grade 6-8, get your Touch Rugby teams together!

Teams will be mixed ♂♀ 6-a-side, with a maximum squad size of 14. Minimum of 3 girls on the pitch. Federation of International Touch rules apply, games will be 10 mins each.

Don’t forget: even if you’re not playing, your support could help to make the difference your team needs. Turn up and cheer your team to victory!


Calling ?Taiping Top Table Tennis Talent?

Next week is the first house event of the year. Let’s hit the ground running and remind the competition who’s boss; House Cup Champions for two years in a row: ??Taiping!? Let’s make it three!

If you are a G6-8, or G9-12 girl or boy who thinks they’re a ping pong pro, let your house captains know. If your friend is paddle proficient, encourage them to sign up.

Kostya T, Sarah N, Serena B, Pontus G, and Lara G are eagerly waiting to take names and select teams.

Even if Table Tennis isn’t your thing you still have an important role. Turn up, show support and cheer our players to victory.

Go Taiping!


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