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Video Review & ACAMIS Volleyball

Please note that Video Review students have been assigned slots to film for Acamis Volleyball. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the teacher of the block they will miss. If you have questions about this or for the full list of students with times/date please feel free to contact me.


Video Review : Reminder

Don’t be afraid to jump right in and apply for a Video Review position.  Two simple questions – what position are you interested in and why. For those that have already applied, expect an email on Monday. Open to all students grades 6-12! (Job descriptions on previous bulletin post) Link to apply here

Project Invent Info Session: Reminder

A reminder that if you are interested or have questions there is a Project Invent information session after school Today @ 15:20 in the Design Centre.

This is for students in Grades 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12.

To Apply to be a team member: Fill out the form in this Link

Project Invent: Accepting Applications

This year NIS will participate in Project Invent. We are recruiting 5-8 students to be the first team of international school students to participate in Project Invent.

For more information about Project Invent please visit their website: link

To apply to be a part of the team fill out the application form: link

If you would like more information please come see or email

or attend a short information session after school this Thursday, 15:20 in the Design Centre.



Video Review is recruiting!

NIS | Video Review  

Video review is a student-run and operated organization that films and edits school and community events. We produce short promotional films for individual events as well as a final film capturing the year’s events in one montage.  Each year we recruit and ask that you get involved! 

If you have questions contact

The only requirement to join the team is that you APPLY by answering 2 questions.

Application Link

List of jobs and responsibility of each job:

Producer: (one) 

The producer is the main organizer. The producer oversees contacting any event organizers, communicating time and date of the event and choosing which events get covered (with input from the team and NIS senior leadership team). The producer communicates with and assigns videographers to film events. They work with videographers to prepare camera equipment prior to the event. They maintain the scheduling of the video review calendar. The producer fills in for or reassigns videographers when needed. The producer verifies equipment and media is properly stored after every shoot.  


Director: (one)  

The director is the decision-maker for the vision of each shoot. The director instructs videographers on how they should shoot an event and works closely with editors and the motion graphic designer for finishing. They may fill in for a videographer or an editor if needed. They oversee and collaborate on all final edits. The director approves all final clips and films in collaboration with the editors. The director makes the final decision for all cuts and selects which events go in the official video review of the year. The Director submits final clips to the producer who then distributes the films for publication.  


Videographer: (multiple positions) 

Videographers film events they’ve been assigned to by the producer. They pick-up camera equipment prior to any event, format SD cards, shoot events to director’s specifications and capture clips onto media drives immediately after completing an event. The videographer returns all equipment to storage reporting any issues. Videographers communicate with the producer their availability and give more than 24-hour notice if they cannot attend an event they are scheduled to shoot. (In an emergency, if they can communicate, they should).  Videographers collaborate with editors on the events they’ve shot clips.  

Editor: (multiple positions)  

The editor edits events they’ve been assigned by the producer in collaboration with the videographer from the event. The editor does all post-production including graphics, sounds, color-grading, etc. The editor organizes and backs-up all media for the year. The editor adheres to the director’s vision and submits all final clips to the director for approval. 

Motion Graphics Designer: (Limited Positions available) 

The Motion Graphics Effects Designer (MGFX) will work closely with the director and producer to design opening animations for select events. They will also design on-screen graphics with-in films while working in collaboration with editors. Special effects or composited animations may also be required. Must be able to bring an individual artist vision and collaborate with all to create unique graphics for video review films.  

Trip Week Videographer: (At least 1 for each trip)  

The trip week videographer is expected to capture specific events during the Discover China trip week for Middle and Upper school. They are required to attend one training detailing the requirements. They will receive the necessary school-issued equipment to film with during trip week and will return and submit their recorded footage to the video review team upon return. They will be contacted and attend one editing session with an editor or complete a detailed form recommending important film clips for the week.

Grade 9 Design Commercials.

These students wanted to share, more publicly, the commercial/PSA (Public Service Announcement) they created for Design.

“Dear Human” – PSA for Animal rights/adoption

Deprived: PSA for getting more sleep

Distraction: PSA for limiting digital distractions.



S2F2 Film Festival

As you know NIS students attended the S2F2 film festival over the weekend. I would like to congratulate the students whose films won awards and share the links to their films below for all to see.

Middle School First Place Genre: Drama

Students: Oscar  | Lesaan  | Robin  | Brian

8 Hour Film Challenge Second Place

NIS Students Anthony  | Roy  | Mayvelyn

Jury Selection and Official Selection: Animation

Renyue (Maggie)


Video Review wants you to join! 

This message is from the Video Review team: 

The Video Review Team is a small group that films and produces video coverage of the year’s special events. We’re looking to grow and want to encourage anyone and everyone who may be interested to apply.

Team members are expected to film and edit a 40 second clip with a partner for an event/s they’re assigned. You’ll be able to choose, however, we need flexibility as well.

Prospective members should have an interest in production and post-production for film/video. Knowing the basic of camera operation, cinematography, editing and post-production is a huge plus but not a requirement as you’ll learn with an experienced member.

Commitment and reliability is essential as many events take place after school or on weekends.

How to Apply:

With a limited number of spaces available we want to see your interest. Showcase your cinematography, editing, or sound design!

To apply, submit 1 short video no longer then 40 seconds. The only restriction is the video you submit must be your own work, if you worked on it with a team let us know your role. If you use footage that you did not film, acknowledge that in the submission.

Send your submissions in the form of a link published through Microsoft Media Stream to Mr. Madalinski before January 8th, 2019.

We as a team will review the videos and select new members based solely on the quality, ability, and initiative shown in your submission.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask any member of the Video Review team; Grade 12: Nancy, Grade 11: Winston, Roy, Anthony or Mayvelyn, Grade 10: Luigi, Grade 9: Edwin or Sean, and Grade 8 Oscar. You may also speak to Mr. Madalinski.

People who applied will be notified by email by January 11th, 2019.

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