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Lunchtime Updates

Hello ‘On Campus Students’!

Today (April 7th) we will begin a new plan for eating lunch.

G11 and 12: lunch in the Cafe

G8 and 9: Lunch in the Cafeteria in Lunch 1 (12.50 – 1.20)

G8 and 9: In Lunch 2 you can go to the Gym or go outside. Enjoy yourselves!


G9 Service Learning Today

Dear Grade 9,

Half of you will go to D220 for Service Learning today with Ms Anna.

All of 9A and these students from 9C









The other half will go to D219 for Service Learning today with Mr Barder.

All of 9B and these students from 9C:


MSUS Chinese New Year Assembly Today

Middle and Upper School Students will celebrate the CNY with an Assembly in Block 3 today. Students should go to Block 3 after break, drop off their bags and head to the PAC for an action packed Lunar New Year Assembly.

See you there!

New Students in Service Learning Today

Dear Everyone, please tell the new students in Grades 6 – 9 to go to the room that their Advisors are in for Service Learning today. The goal for them today is to understand what Service means and to see a little of what the students are doing. They will get the opportunity to move to another group next time.


Student Office Hours Mondays 3.15 – 4.15

Middle and Upper School Students…. did you know that every Monday after 3.15 teachers are available in their classrooms to help you with your learning? Every student can go and see their teacher, ask a question, get help on their assignments or request to spend time recapping something that was done in class.

Make it a new year resolution to visit your teacher in Student Office Hours!


MSUS Student Report Checking TODAY

Dear Students, you will check through your Semester 1 Reports on TODAY January 9th in Block 5 with your Block 5 teacher. Veracross will be open at 2.40pm for you to check that there are no grades missing and that there are no other errors. If you find a problem please email the teacher and cc myself or Ms Ham into the email.


Mandarin Exchange Today

This afternoon we will host a group of Middle School students from the next door Middle School. They will meet in the LGR at the end of lunchtime and then will talk to their buddies in Chinese before being shown around the school by our Middle School students. Please make them welcome if you see them walking through the hallways.

Phase 3 Mandarin Students… remember to be in the LGR by 1.55 this afternoon.

Mandarin Exchange Today

Mandarin Phase 3 students! A reminder that you are going to visit your Exchange partners at the Xianlin Middle School today. Meet in the Centre Foyer at 1.30pm. You may go to Lunch 1 today, put your bags in your lockers and meet in the foyer. Bring a rain jacket.

See you later,

Mrs Clarke and the Burst the Bubble Team!

UPDATED G8-11 Exam Week Schedule

Dear Students,

Below is the schedule of exams which will be held next week. Students in G8 -11 will follow this schedule.

Students in G6 and 7 will have in class assessments as usual. Students in G12 do not have formal exams at this time.

If you have any questions ask your Advisor, Ms Ham or Mrs Clarke.

G8-11 Exam Week Schedule (UPDATED)


Bursting the Bubble with Xianlin Middle School

On Wednesday and Friday next week we will have version 2 of our Mandarin Exchange with the Xianlin Middle School. On Wednesday afternoon our Mandarin Phase 3 students in G6-10 will visit the school next door for the Chinese students to practice their English and on Friday Block 5 the Chinese students will come and visit NIS and be hosted by their partners.

The students that are taking part are listed here.

Middle School Block 5 today

Where should I go for Block 5 today?

Grade 9: Go to Upstairs Cafeteria for GCD launch preparation with Mrs Clarke (note; change of location; not LGR)

G6 -8: Go to the room where your UN Goal Group meets – ask your Advisor if you are not sure and check locations below

If you have not chosen a UN Goal see Mrs Clarke today or send an email with your choice.

Xblock Data Collection Today

How might we share our Xblock projects? How might we set effective goals for our projects? How might we deepen our learning in Xblock?

The answer to all of these questions begins with data! Beginning today Mr Jacobson and Ms Merrylees will begin collecting some of the data we need to help us answer these questions.

What do you need to do?

Grade 6: Go to the LGR at the start of Xblock today (block 3) to find out

Grade 7: Go to the LGR at 11.20

Grade 8: Go to the LGR at 12 noon

See you later for more on data…!


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