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Lost and Found

Dear All

Please check Rm.B152/153(Mrs. Arden Tyoschin) for lost valuables.

Other lost properties please check the lost property cabinet in the school building.

Thanks for your cooperation.


Jenny Ma



Grade 4 advert

PYP teachers, please see this message and poster from Sophie in 4B:

This poster is for the Maker Expo. Please show this to your students. My display is about clothes made from trash bags. Thank you, Sophie


Grade 4 Maker Expo

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 14.34.18


The Grade 4 Maker Expo is today (Thursday) from 11:10-12:50 in the PYP large group room,the foyer, and out in the courtyard. There will be loads of interesting creations on display. Bring your students for a look and please encourage them to ask questions about the process.

Language Acquisition

Helping Non Native Students Understand What You Say 3
Activate existing knowledge of the topic (by asking questions and making connections with existing knowledge, discussing opinions, making predictions etc.) and  by pre-teaching key words. It is also helpful if students are told what they will have to do after they have finished listening so they can focus on the forthcoming task.

Language Acquisition

Helping Non Native Students Understand What You Say 2:

Try not to use idioms and colloquial expressions. Non native students often translate these expressions literally. For example, a teacher might say “Take a stab at it,” to encourage a student; the non native students could be very confused. Which idioms/colloquial expressions do you use in class?


Book Week

Book week is next week! (March 16th-20th) and we would like your help with a few things:

  1. Bell songs – Maximum 15 seconds of you reading a poem, a quote, or some piece of literature.
  2. Shelfies – Bookshelf + Selfie = Shelfie
  3. Spine Poetry – Stack up books to create a poem or short story

Submissions should be placed in the proper folder on teacher large storage here afp:// Week 2015  (link only works in Safari)

We also invite students to submit Shelfies and Spine Poetry and there is a corresponding folder on Student large storage afp:// Week 2015 (link only works in Safari)

Bell songs must be submitted before 5 pm on Wednesday March 11th. For more information, there are examples and instructions in the folder or you can email

ISOS First Aid Training on March 22nd 2015 (Sunday)

Dear All,

Please be advised that School will hold the second session of ISOS First Aid Training on Sunday March 22nd 2015.

Limited to 12 participants, first come, first served!  Please send an email to

Best wishes,

Dora Li

HR Officer

Intermediate Orchestra

Miss Keus is away on professional development, but intermediate orchestra will continue with substitute conductors. Please come with Mamma Mia and your instruments ready.

Language Acquisition

This week the Language Acquisition post will look at helping non native students understand what you say.

Helping Non Native Students Understand What You Say 1:

Listening  is easier if supported by visual material. Apart fromm pictures or diagrams of what is being talked about, it is often helpful for them to have key words written on the board.


We need empty kitchen rolls, Pringles tubes etc for Earth Hour. We would also like large paper cups, e.g. the McDonalds variety. Please drop them off in the box outside C122. THANK YOU.

Displaced People

Dear NIS,  This year the ‘shanty town experience’ is being replaced with a ‘displaced people experience’. For this to be successful we need a large collection of materials for Grade 8 to use to build shelters. As this will be in March / April this year they will need to keep warm and dry. We are looking for cardboard boxes, tarpaulins, plastic sheeting, string, wood, bamboo poles and whatever else would be useful for shelter construction. We only want used items.

If you have anything please bring to our classrooms (D220), the Design Centre, or contact us and we will collect. We are the Grade 8 Humanities team (Ruth, Rebecca and Laurie) and the Grade 8 Design team (Francis, Robin and Nikolai). Many thanks.


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