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MYP Overdue Library Books

Thanks for bringing them back!

  • 6A- Oscar, Isabella, Alice, Jonas, Gian, Melissa, Junhao, Sherry
  • 6B- Joshua, Chi, Toni, Sammy, Jessica, Lessan, Sophie, Kiki
  • 6C- Yoobin, YeeShan, William, Erica, Robin, Max, Kevin, Casey


  • 7A- Yejin, Lucy, Jacob, Gianluca, Chaeyun, Lane, Tirso
  • 7B- Yujin, Chaebin, Sam, Taehyung, Evan, Jinhyung, Camryn
  • 7C- Pierson, Dahun, Eason


  • 8A- Sunny, Minseo, Min-Joon, Zach, Alina, So Hyun
  • 8B- Yoonji, Eva, Helen, SeoYun, HyunJun, Jeewoo, Paul, Noah, Emily


  • 9A- Jui-Yu, Angila, Maxim
  • 9B- Shuyang
  • 9C- Angela C., Paul


  • 10A- Alexia, Abbie, Max, Megan, Lucas
  • 10B- Sophia, Luke
  • 10C- Senaash, Charlotte, Alicia, Angela L., Lukas

May the 4th Be With You

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Star Wars series (1977), be sure to stop by the library and enjoy our wonderful collection of Star Wars books- for all ages!

Library Redesign- Feedback Wanted

The Library Redesign Team is looking for further feedback on the types of quiet, gaming and socializing spaces offered in the library. Stop by the library and check out the blue boards at the back by the windows. Scan the QR code to complete the survey.

Thanks in advance for your feedback-

The Library Redesign Team

Overdrive eBooks- App set-up

Hi Students and Teachers-

The library will be hosting a short session on Wednesday at the start of lunch (12:50) for anyone who is interested in getting their mobile device (or laptop) set up with the Overdrive eBooks. Perfect for holiday reading-

Hope to see you there-

The Library Staff

Books for the Break


Be sure to stop by the library to pick up a book for the break! Or come to the library at the start of lunch on Wednesday for a primer on how to get your mobile device set up with Overdrive eBooks-

Hope to see you in the library.


MYP/DP Open Mic @ Lunch

We are hoping to hear some more of that inspired poetry that was written at the workshops with Zohab this week. Just show up in the library at the start of lunch and take the stage-

Hope to see you in the library-

Library This Week

MYP Students-

In honour of Book Week, please note that the library will be a quiet, computer-free space during break and lunch. Students are welcome to come and read a book and browse through the new books that just arrived last week.

Students wishing to do homework or hang out with friends are asked to go to the cafeteria during break and first lunch.

Don’t forget the Open Mic on Tuesday through Friday if you have a poem or reading to share.

Thanks for your support and hope to see you reading! 🙂

the Library Staff

The Library Fish is Edgar!

edgarThanks to those of you who contributed a suggested name for the new library fish! We will be going with Maxi Bauerschmidt’s idea of “Edgar” (Edgar Allen Poe).

However, there is some speculation that Edgar is in fact, a SHE in which case we may have to switch to Dr. Juan’s suggestion of “Ursula” from Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Thanks to the staff and students who sent in names. Come visit Edgar any time-

The Library Staff

Name that Fish!

img_1092The library has a new fish (thanks Mr. Ji!) and we are looking for a name. After the untimely death of Hemmingway, his poor widowed partner Hadley has been very lonely and is happy to have a new mate!

All names MUST have a literary connection of some kind (author, character… male or female since we have no idea which it is!)

Please submit answers to the library (or by email to Mrs. Rinker) by Friday-

See you in the library!

Just arrived- new and noteworthy!

MYP Students-

Don’t forget to return the books that you checked out in August and stop by the library for a new book! Hope to see you soon-


Digital Magazines- Free Trial

flipsterHi Faculty and Staff-

The library is considering moving some of the print magazines to digital format using an App called Flipster.

The company has granted us a free one-month trial and I am looking for a few people to test-drive the system to see how well it behaves here in China.

Thanks for letting me know if you are interested in checking it out- feedback is much appreciated!


New Books for MYP/DP



MYP/DP Students-

Be sure to stop by the library before the break to get a good book for the holidays!

Check out the new books that arrived as well as the new eBook titles on Overdrive.

Hope to see you in the library-

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