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Discover China Week Trips Next School Year (2017/2018)

Some exciting changes are coming to the Discover China Week Trips next school year (2017/18). These changes are in line with the NIS “Student Voice and Choice” and “Burst the Bubble” strategies.

There are three major changes:
1. All Grade 6-11 students will have a choice of three trips.
2. Grade levels are combined: Grades 6 and 7, Grades 8 and 9, and Grades 10 and 11.
3. The Grade 12 trip will be held in late May 2018.

Grade 6-11 Discover China Week (October 23rd-27th 2017)

Grade 6 and 7:
Choice 1: Taishan
Choice 2: Huangshan – New trip
Choice 3: Hangzhou

Grade 8 and 9:
Choice 1: Beijing
Choice 2: Moganshan – New Trip
Choice 3: Shaolin Temple and Luoyang – New Trip

Grade 10 and 11 
Choice 1: Guizhou
Choice 2: Yangshuo
Choice 3: Xiamen

Note: Next year’s G11 students cannot go on the same trip as you went on this year in G10.

After the April Break on Tuesday April 11th (Week 29) more information will be given to you and parents about the trips and then on Monday April 17th (Week 30) you will need to choose (on Veracross) which trip you wish to go on – choices will close on Monday April 24th. There will be minimum and maximum number of students set for each trip. All current G5-10 students should choose a trip unless you are certain you will not be at NIS next school year.

Grade 12 : Discover China Week (May 2018)
The dates of the Grade 12 trip have been changed to after Grade 12 examinations in late May 2018. When Grades 6-11 are on the October Discover China Week trips Grade 12 students will remain in school and work on Extended Essay, TOK and other academic areas. The destination of the G12 trip is yet to be decided. More details will be given to Grade 12 students and parents about this early next school year.

EARCOS Journal


The spring issue for the EARCOS Triannual Journal is due April 10th not April 1st.

Thank you.

New Sign-in/-out Trial

As of Monday, March 27 and through the April break, we will be piloting a new digital sign-in/-out approach with Faculty to access the 3rd Floor Fitness Center and/or Pool.  In the long term, we hope this will replace the current paper and pen method.  Faculty will need to sign in and out via an iPad at reception with the ID number (omit the first letter) on your NIS ID.  All other staff and community members are welcome to use this approach as well, though there will be one additional step involved as we have not input all the ID numbers yet.  For this reason, we will still have the paper and pen sheet available for non-Faculty community members. We will be soliciting feedback through a QR Code, to be reviewed after the April holiday. 

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