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Welcome Notice from Yadong

Dear all,

This notice is sending on behalf of Yadong Team:

We welcome our new Cleaning supervisor – Amilly Zhang to join Yadong team @ NIS from this week. She will be in charge of cleaning, landscaping and team training.

Best Wishes,


Changing Room Notice

Dear All

kindly be reminded that from this month onwards Ya Dong will clean the fitness lockers every last Thursday of the month from 21:00-21:30.

Please do not leave your personal belongings in the lockers, and remember to return the key back to the front desk when you have finished exercising.

Any unclaimed items will be put in the Lost Property cupboards near the IT Offices,

Thanks  for your cooperation!

Arek Owczarek


All gone!

VERY MANY THANKS to everyone who bought a Giving Tree tag this year-the 321 tags have been sold in record time! The gifts will be packed up and sent off to our sponsored students in December. Remember to return your tags to Kath Adams in C146 by December 8th.

Pre-exam activity sign-ups

Students in G7-11,

Need a quick overview of activities for your grade level?  Not sure where the activity takes place?  See schedule below.

Reminder: if fewer than 5 students sign up for an activity, the activity may be cancelled.   Sign up today!

Locker Reminder G6-12

A friendly reminder that you must use your lock on your locker.


  1. What do I do if I lost my lock?  –> Pay 15 RMB at the cashier and bring your receipt to Ms Zoe for a new lock
  2. What do I do if my lock is broken?  –> Bring your broken lock to Ms Zoe and exchange it for a new one
  3. What do I do if I forgot my lock combination?  –> See you Advisory teacher who will tell you your combination

What else?

  • Your lock must be LOCKED on your locker (not just hanging open)
  • Your lock combination must be removed from the back of your lock
  • Use only your own locker, no matter where it is


  • By the end of the day, Thursday, November 30.

Still have questions?   See Dr Saavedra, Mr Bratton, or Mrs Tyoschin — TODAY.

Life 101 Today

Locations:  Same bat place, same bat channel

Grade 8: Black Box

Grade 9: Drama Classroom

Grade 10: Upstairs Cafeteria

Grade 11: Large Music Room

Grade 12: MSUS/LGR or DP Lounge

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