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Podcast on Grief and Finding Meaning

Good morning all,

In honor of Tomb Sweeping holiday here is a podcast by Brene Brown hosting David Kessler, a grief therapist.

The first 20 minutes discusses the experiences of loss and grief and the second half of the segment has a focus on the pandemic and our collective experience of loss.  I thought of our NIS community quite a bit through this podcast.  I could think of so many stories, feelings and emotions that have been shared over these past several weeks.  Sending you my best.


Two University Visits Today

Grades 10-12 students…

UK :University of Northumbria Newcastle will visit NIS today at 10:20 in LGR.

If you are grade 12 and applying to the UK this will be a good opportunity to check in about your UCAS application.

USA: University of San Diego at 12:50 in LGR

University San Diego 12:50 LGR

Grades 10-12 students!  The University of San Diego will be visiting NIS on

Monday, October 14 at 12:50 in LGR.  Embrace, Focus, Achieve, Become, Develop…That is their motto.

Find out more about programs, campus, scholarships

PSAT Oct 16

MS/US Teachers please see attachment for the grade 10 and 11 students who will miss

blocks 1-4 on Wednesday, October 16 Day 8 because they will be taking the PSAT test.

Students will see you regarding missed work.

PSAT 2019 Student List

UBC Today

Calling all grade 10, 11 and 12 students!  University of British Columbia is here today!

D 224  across from Mrs Clarke’s MS Office at 10:40

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