Friday Advisory: House Music Trivia!

Rules: Inter House Music Trivia Quiz: Thanks to Ms Amy Keus
• Three advisories, one from each house, meet in the designated room.
• Each advisory should create 3 more or less even sized mixed gender teams – so there are 9 teams in each room.
• 20 questions: PowerPoint to follow. Answer to be written on recycled/scrap paper.
• Total number of questions answered correctly is recorded and added to give a final score for the advisory.
• All the advisory scores are added together to give a final score for that house.
• Winning house: 60 points, second place: 40 points and third place: 30 points

6-8 Advisory
Advisories Location
Ms. terBorg Ms. Kuan Mr. Madlinski Upstairs Design Centre
Mr Dutton Mr Baker Mr Stevens Green Gym
Mr Synder Mr Lee Ms. S Wang Mr Snyder’s Room
Mr Bahilo Mr Winstanley Ms. Maier Mr Winstanley’s Room
Ms. Keus Ms. Seiguneur Mrs. Merrylees Ms. Keus’s Room
9-10 Advisory
Advisories Location
Ms. Law Ms. Fox Mr. Orteza Ms Law’s Room
Ms. Chen Mr. Hammond Ms. L Wang Mr Hammond’s Room
Mr. Chesterman Mr Fischl Ms. Zhang Mr. Chesterman’s room
11-12 Advisory
Advisories Location
Mr Newman Mr Hornell Mr Leitz Mr Hornell’s Room
Mr Kay Ms Moen Mr Coad Ms. Moen’s Room
Ms Lenk Ms Crème Ms Ryan Ms Crème’s Room

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