Speech & Debate: early departure today

To teachers of the students listed below…

Could these students have permission to leave a little early from their Block 5 lesson today (Friday, 25th January)? They have a bus to catch at 3pm from NIS to the stati0n. They would therefore need to leave your lesson by 2:45pm at the latest. They should mention this to you themselves and remind you when the time comes. Many thanks for making sure we leave on time!

Suyeon Bae

Yerin Lim

Hyemin Han

Minseo Kim

Seoyeon Kim

Erica Seowoo Hwang

Siya Chhabra

Emma Park

Kevin Liu

William Huang

Yoonji Chae

Sohyun Youn

Jiahui Jin

Jumin Park

Jason Fujia Wang

Anthony Chen

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