Please ensure your ManageBac entries are all up to date before your DEADLINE.

A completed entry has:

  • grade before the title of the experience
  • volunteering or Service as Action selected
  • description (who, what, where, when, why) with smart goal
  • reflections (facts, feelings, findings, future, smart goal and outcome) the number of reflections depends on length/frequency. Aim for 1-2 reflections a month.
  • evidence
  • ONE learning outcome (different one each time)

In addition, Gr10 and G11s must have:


-a balance of strands

-a variety of learning outcomes

Here are the DEADLINES 9pm (Beijing time):

Grade 11 – May 17th

Grade 10 – May 22nd

Grade 9 – May 24th

Grade 8 – May 27th

Grade 6 – June 3rd

Grade 7 – June 6th

There are other requirements, please come by the Activities Office if you have questions.


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