Student Activities for 2020-2021

We used to call these After School Activities, Clubs, Performing Arts, Service, Cultural Activities, Volunteering etc. We have changed the name to hopefully streamline the registration and catalogue view on Veracross and on the school’s website. Also our goal is to provide our Primary School students a more balanced programme.

Today at 1pm, we will be sending out the teacher sign-up spreadsheet for 2020-21 Student Activities Programme. All teachers and teaching assistants should offer 2 Student Activities during the academic year. You may choose to offer to the PS, MS or the US. At the bottom of the page, you may select the Cycle.

Cycle 1: August 31 – October 16

Cycle 2: November 2 – December 17

Cycle 3: January 18 – March 19 (Discover China March 1-5)

Cycle 4: March 29th – May 21

If you are coaching a sport, that counts as one of your required offerings. Kindly indicate this on the bottom of Sheet 1.

In the event that we are teaching online during Cycle 1, teachers and teaching assistants will need to move to their Student Activity to Cycle 2, 3 and/or 4.

Please stop by if you have any questions.

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