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Flipster app for digital magazines

There is now a Flipster app to look at our digital magazines! Click on Flipster App Instructions . Did you also know you can do a keyword search in different magazines? Think of the research possibilities, especially with those science magazines!

As always, stop in the library with any questions!

Beginning in January, these titles will be available:

How It Works
Sports Illustrated Kids
Boys’ Life
Girls’ Life
Lonely Planet Traveller
Popular Science
Runner’s World
Scientific American
Scientific American Mind


10th Grade upstairs in cafeteria during lunch

MS/US teachers, as you know, 10th graders are now allowed in the cafeteria mezzanine during lunch (NOT break). As Katie said, no food, no technology, and no bags should be up there. If you are the person on BTT up there, students can check out library books either by the self-checkout computer that is up there, or they can bring books down to the primary library for checkout. Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions!


Textbook checkout – check it out!

Teachers, did you know that you have the power to check student textbooks in AND out using your phone, iPad, and/or laptop?!? With a transition period coming up and students leaving, give yourself the peace of mind of KNOWING that your student has actually returned all of his or her textbooks before signing the clearance form. Music, IT, and Design staff are also able to check materials such as instruments and cameras out to students. This amazing power is brought to you by the Follett Destiny app. Want more information? Click on the link for directions, and remember, you can always ask your friendly neighborhood librarian!

Textbook Checkout Directions


Primary Student Council meeting Wednesday

Grade 2-5 teachers, please remind your student council rep there is a meeting upstairs in the cafeteria during 2nd lunch on Wednesday. We will be meeting to discuss Pajama Day on Tuesday and the assembly on Friday.


Primary teachers – Pajama Day!

The primary Student Council is sponsoring a Pajama Day for primary students and teachers on Tuesday, December 10. Announcements will be made in classes and to parents through PTA, the weekly bulletin, and tv screens…this is just a heads-up for the primary teachers! It is a normal school day, just with the fun and coziness of wearing pajamas to school. Contact me with any questions!

Primary Student Council meeting on Tuesday

Teachers in grades 2-5, please let your Student Council representative know we will have a Student Council meeting right after lunch (when they get dismissed) on Tuesday upstairs in the cafeteria mezzanine. I will also post a sign in the cafeteria to remind them. Thanks!

PS Student Council Meeting

Primary Student Council members in grades 2-5 will meet after lunch today (Wednesday). They will eat FIRST, then come upstairs in the cafeteria once they get dismissed.

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