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Known issues with Follett Destiny app on phones for checkout/checkin

There have been issues with scanning student IDs and textbook barcodes with the Follett Destiny app on teacher phones where the student and/or the textbook is “not found,” which is a pain. The solution from Follett is to reprint all IDs and barcodes and rebarcode all textbooks. That is not currently an option (unless you want to see what a nervous breakdown looks like). A more feasible workaround is to type in student ID numbers or names instead of scanning the ID, and typing in the textbook barcode instead of scanning it.

Do not include any letter when typing in student ID numbers or barcodes…just the numbers themselves. Please ask if you have any questions or issues, and we are looking into our options.

Book sets for Lit Circles and/or Book Clubs

Did you know we have well over 50 different sets of chapter books (usually 5-6 per set) that teachers can check out to use in their classes for Lit Circles, reading groups, or book clubs? Where is this treasure trove, do you ask? Why, in the library Resource Room (the room behind my office). All are welcome to explore, be you PYP, MYP, or DP.


APA Referencing posters for your classroom

Here are 7 A4 posters with examples on how to cite (both in-text and as a reference) various sources. We have permission from USCSEA to use them. I’ve found them very useful for students to look at.

APA referencing BOOK-w089ai

APA referencing WEBSITE-1nl4khz

APA referencing VIDEO-2gum8a1

APA referencing PODCAST-15i2bi4

APA referencing NEWSPAPER-1nwqzd2

APA referencing JOURNAL ARTICLE – edited-1om9wgx

APA referencing IMAGE -v0ns7p

ILA Literacy Glossary link

The International Literacy Association has compiled a glossary of literacy terms as a living document, to be constantly updated and refined, to make the terms clear to a general population of teachers as well as literacy practitioners. Terms range from “diphthong” to “instructional reading level” to “prosody” and more. Not sure what exactly those words mean? Check out the glossary!

4 Free downloadable posters celebrating mighty women

Click on the link for 4 free downloadable posters of Maya Angelou, Marie Curie, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Frida Kahlo. The blog itself has great information for raising/teaching strong girls.

Free downloadable posters of STEM role models

Nevertheless, a podcast about women in technology, has created eight free downloadable posters about STEM role models from around the world — each featuring the artwork of a female artist. The women featured serve as amazing role models in their fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (or STEM as it’s often referred to).

PYP Student Council Spirit Week

Next week, in honor of Cinderella & Rockerfella, we will have dress up days for primary students and teachers in grades PK-5!  Please contact Mr. Cal at or Ms. Romero at with questions.

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