4. Gender and Change

What is a woman’s place in the world?

Take this test from the BBC

Gender gaps around the world (World Economic Forum 2015)

Gender gaps around the world (World Economic Forum 2015)

Why is Iceland the best place in the world to be a woman? – The Guardian


How is economic change in China impacting on the lives of its men and women? BBC News – Chinese women and marriage

What are women’s roles  and how are they changing in the world today?

A Woman's Place

Sheryl Wudunn – TED Talk


Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 17.00.08


Charts from woman stats.org

World Economic Forum – Global Gender Gap Report presents a detailed account of gender differences around the world. For more specific information, see below;

1. Gender and legal rights

theweek.co.uk – 11 things women in Saudi Arabia cannot do

2. Gender and Migration

The Guardian – Bride trafficking


3. Gender and Health

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 11.08.22

The image above comes from a UN Report (2010)

irinnews.org – Women’s health in Indonesia


4. Gender and land tenure

World Bank – Ethiopian women gain status through landholding

5. Gender and empowerment

% of females in governments

% of females in government

The Guardian – Swiss women outnumber men in parliament


6. Gender and employment

swissinfo.ch – Glass ceiling, sticky floor

swissinfo.ch – Gender gap widens in Switzerland

The Guardian – Poor pay, worse jobs…

The Guardian – unequal pay continues (Nov 2015) 

Banks address gender in UK – Guardian March 2016


7. Gender & life expectancy

NBC News – Men closing the gap

BBC – Biological clue to why women live longer than men



8. Gender & education

The Guardian – Malala Yousafz

The Guardian – Sanitation in Indian schools

The Independent – Taliban restrict women’s education in Pakistan



9. Gender & culture

BBC News – Japan



10. Gender & status

The Guardian – UK Gender Gap 


11. Gender & family size

BBC News – Gender issues and birth rates

The Guardian – France’s baby boom secret




Other resources on gender issues – greenfieldgeography

Gender and birth ratios – China case study

The Guardian – China’s Great Gender Crisis Birth ratios map from Chartsbin.com BBC video – China facing one child policy dilemma
thechinastory.org – China’s gender imbalance China Daily – China’s gender imbalance still grave BBC – China faces growing gender imbalance
CNN – How China’s lonely bachelors are helping its economy grow BBC – China’s left-over women

Single women between 25 and 30 – China’s problem?

This UN report provides more detail on many of the areas above- World’s Women 2010

The OECD website will also help.

How might gender inequality be reduced?

Gender equality still decades away – The Guardian
voxeu.org – New strategies to promote gender equality

Is the gender gap closing? BBC News article

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