Creative Environments in Creating Products

As a musician, I really believe that creativity flows best when I’m rested and relaxed. When I’m comfy in pajamas, with some hot chocolate, I find my creative juices start flowing and I get into “the zone.” For me, I get a lot of great work done during the winter holiday – I come back rested, but well prepared for what lies ahead at school.

In the same way, you have a lot of work that needs to be done on your PPP directly after the holidays.

January 15: Submit first draft of your report and process journal to your supervisor
January 30: Submit final draft of your report and process journal to your supervisor
February 6: Collection of all work, whether finished or not
March 7: PPP Exhibition

However, Winter Holiday is going to offer you a great opportunity to do a lot of high quality, relaxing work on your PPP. It’s a time when exams are done, your other work has been submitted, and now you can really focus on your product.

Your product needs to be finished by the time you return from Winter Holiday because January will be spent writing your final report.

So stay in your pajamas… put your process journal beside you… grab a holiday treat… and enjoy working on your product.