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‘Pause Day’ Grades 10 and 11

Pause Day has arrived!

Today, you’re focusing on the personal, academic goals you made in Life 101 last week.

Plan recap:

  • Follow your regular schedule, and work on your goals;
  • Your regular class teachers are expecting you to arrive as usual;
  • If you are consulting with another teacher, make sure to check in with your scheduled teacher first and then go to see your chosen teacher.

Can’t remember your goals, or where you are supposed to be?

  • Check your email receipt from last week;
  • Check the list on the glass of the LGR or in the Maths corridor;
  • Ask Ms. Ham or Ms terBorg.

Have a wonderfully productive day!


How to RAMs – it’s on today!

If you’ve any burning questions about completing the RAMs forms, or if you’re not even sure where to start, please come along to the MSUS LGR this afternoon at 3:15pm. Don’t forget your laptop.

How to RAMs

What is a RAMS form?

Why do I need to use it when taking students on a trip?

How detailed must I be when filling it in?

I don’t even know where to start!

Come along to the MSUS LGR on Monday at 3:15pm to ask all of these questions and more.


Grade 12 Work Week Briefing Today

Hello Grade 12,

Please head directly to the Student Lounge after registering with your Advisor. Mrs Galaty and I will be talking with you about Work Week (the same week as Discover China for Grades 6 – 11).

See you there!

Ms Ham

New: The NIS HS Diploma / IB Diploma Site

The NIS / IB Diploma Site within the NIS Digital Hub goes live today.

For all Grade 11 and 12 teachers, this is your go-to place for all things related to:

  • Paths to graduation
  • The NIS HS Diploma
  • The IB Diploma
  • The Extended Essay & Senior Essay
  • CAS

Joe will send you an email today, automatically subscribing you to the site (read-only access). You should find it here:

If you’re having trouble accessing the site, contact Joe or Katie.


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