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Update on G10 Social enterprises

Congratulations to our G10 students on the early success of their social enterprises.

Over 5000 rmb was raised for charities and several enterprises retained some of their surplus to be used again in G11.

Thanks also to all the students, parents and staff who supported the G10s through purchasing products or services from them.

Grade 10 Social enterprise advertisement

Delicious and healthy fruit smoothies on sale from 27thMay to 31stMay!

Note – Special discount offered for those who bring plastic bottles and aluminum cans to help recycle materials. Buy our tasty smoothies, help the environment and make the world a better place!

Grade 10 Social Enterprises

Grade 10 Social Enterprises Coming Soon!


Next week come to the foyer and learn all about the Grade 10 Social enterprises.

Students may like to bring some money to purchase products. A sum of up to 30rmb is suggested for Primary students.

All proceeds from sales are either reinvested or donated to charities. Since 2013 G10 Humanities students have donated over $3500 to the Kiva charity that helps support Microfinance providers as they assist small-scale entrepreneurs and people on low-incomes to improve their lives .

Products offered by our G10s include;

Sugar-free cookies

Recycled candles

Designer enviro-friendly handkerchiefs

House shirt rentals & re-sales

Plant-themed jewelry

Paintings from re-cycled canvas


Healthy drinks

Early Years after-school club

Home decorations and bookmarks



Grade 10 Social enterprise advertisement

Jelly soaps, cute soaps with toys inside and portable one-time use mini soaps are on sale from 27th May to 30th May!

Pre-orders starting from 22nd May!

You can customize your own cute soap with FiZZ. FiZZ soaps do not include palm oil that is one of the reasons causing deforestation.

Purchase soaps at FiZZ and make washing hands enjoyable!




Inter-house events this Friday

Grade 6-8 Volleyball in the green gym

Grade 9-11 street basketball outside

We are looking to maximize participation so please get involved as either a player or supporter, and remember to wear your house shirts!

Inter-house sports results

Congratulations to all involved in Friday’s MS/US events.

G6-8 football saw all three houses win 1, draw 2 & lose 1, leaving a three-way tie. Goal difference was also identical, so it went down to goals scored. Well done Wutaishan & Taiping who emerged joint winners.

9-12 volleyball was more clear-cut with Wutaishan 1st, Xuanwu 2nd and Taiping 3rd.


Overall standings at the moment are:


Inter-house sports this Friday

The extended advisory session on Friday 23rd sees the first inter-house sports events of the year.

Can Wutaishan & Taiping catch Xuanwu?

Grades 6-8 will be playing 7-a-side football outside (separate boys and girls teams)

Grades 9-12 will be playing volleyball in the green gym (separate boys and girls teams)

See you house captains/leaders if you would like to join one of the teams.


a) What’s the record number of hotdogs eaten in ten minutes?

b) Who invented the hovercraft?

c) How many followers does Kim Kardashian have on Instagram?

If you can answer these questions and more like them, then you could help your house take an early lead in this year’s house championship.

The first inter-house event of the year will be held on Friday Sep 7th during advisory.



Answers – a)  74, b) Sir Christopher Cockerell, c) 115.7m (as at Mon Aug 27th)

Annual NIS staff vs parents football match

The annual NIS staff vs parents football match is coming soon. Last year’s rain-drenched game saw the parents emerge with a comfortable 2-0 win.

We are looking at playing on Sat Sep 1st (before the NIC BBQ) at NIS, kick-off around 10.30am.

Please email if you are interested in playing.


House captains wanted

Welcome back everyone.

The House championship will be starting soon and all three houses need student captains to help organise teams for this year’s events.

Please contact your house leader if you are interested in becoming a house captain. Next Friday is the House assembly, so time is short.

Captains are needed for both G6-8 and G9-12.


Mr Hornell

Mr Stevens Mr Chesterman


Grade 10 Funfair – One week to go!

Only one week to go before the G10 funfair opens for business.

Please support the learning of our Grade 10 students by taking part in this fun-filled event. Grade 10 have been working hard to create a morning of thrills and excitement for NIS students (G1-11).

Past G10 businesses have helped to raise nearly $3000 for and over the past five years G10 Humanities students have lent almost $10,000 to improve the lives of over 350 borrowers in 65 countries worldwide.


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