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Library Closed to PS students at break times

Break times have been pretty good this week. Thank you to all the teachers who support our students by redirecting and reminding them. Please do remind you students that the library is closed at break times (morning and lunch) because we don’t have a librarian in there yet. Thank you!

Student Visitors Forms

If you have a student requesting to bring a visiting friend to class, they will need to collect a student visitors form from Reception. They fill it out and submit it to Reception as well. There is a minimum two days notice.

NIS Swim Team

Want to join the swim team?

Any interested swimmer 12 years and under is welcome at the following swim sessions

  1. Thursday 17 August – 3:15pm to 4:15pm

ALL SWIMMERS are welcome at the following NIS meet

Friday 18th August  – 3:15pm to 4:45pm

Swim 50’s of Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and freestyle @ NIS


Looking forward to seeing  you there!


Random Check of Temporary Residence Registration by PSB

Dear Colleagues,

Please note that PSB (Public Security Bureau) is conducting a random check of temporary residence registration among all registered leasing properties.  You might be visited at home and get your ID/passport presented/checked.



PD Committee

Good morning,

Our PD committee is once again complete!  We welcome our newest member, Sonya, to join Andrew M, Chris, Joe, Angel, Steven, and me.

Please remember that PD applications should be sent to me by email.

Have a great Wednesday,


SCISAC Soccer sign ups are open

Grades 7 – 9 can now sign up on veracross for SCISAC Soccer. Practices are on Mondays and Wednesdays 4.20 – 5.50pm. The tournament will be here at NIS on 2 – 4 November. Practices start next Monday!!

Low-Tech Advisory

Hello MS/US Students,

A reminder that Advisory is a low-tech zone.

This means only using technology to build community and obtain essential information within your Advisory. Your loving Advisors will help you put away those phones, close those laptops, and actually talk to one another! Don’t worry; it’s good for you!


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