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Blood Type

Good morning,

In Veracross we have now added a field to collect NIS faculty and staff blood type.   This information will be accessible by a limited number of NIS colleagues (School Nurse, IT and SLT).  Unfortunately, this information cannot be entered through the Veracross Portal, so if you would like to have your blood type entered into Veracross, please send Samantha an email indicating your blood type by Thursday, November 30.

Sharing this information is completely voluntary.



Student Assistant Coaches – volleyball, badminton, basketball

We still have some places left for Gr9 – 12 students to be an assistant coach for these sports.

Why you should do it:

  • Great for achieving your C&S/CAS outcomes
  • Great for your resume & university applications.
  • A free trip to Shanghai for CISSA
  • An opportunity to get a first aid qualification!
  • Support to get a coaching qualification if available
  • Great for building your skills in communication and teaching.

Speak to Mr Clarke if interested.

Staff Christmas Market tickets

Dear Staff,

Jackie will be selling tickets in the staff room on Thursday and Friday break time for anyone who is finding it difficult to get tickets before or after school.  Tickets are necessary for all non RFG residents and are in exchange for a complimentary drink in the Market.

Merry Christmas.

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