MS/US Report Card Proofing Today!

Hello MS/US Editors,

Today (like right now!) have the chance to proofread your report cards in a slightly extended Advisory session until 8:25am.

Things to look for:

Are all of your classes are accounted for?

Are there any errors in the comments (your passport name should be used)?

Any missing comments or ATLs?

Does the sum of your criteria scores match these grade boundaries for each class?

If there are any errors or omissions, please email the teacher and copy (cc) Mr. Bratton for Grades 6-9 or Dr. Saavedra for Grades 10-12 before the end of Advisory today.

Also, at this point you might feel like begging a teacher for “one more point” to bump up a grade… Don’t do it! This is called “Grade Grubbing” and it’s not cool! If you have a question about your learning, ask it. But, if the Grade-Grubbing detector goes off, teachers have strict instruction to send you to us for intensive guided reflection. 

Thanks and get to it!

Mr. Bratton and Dr. Saavedra


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