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PP / EE Club

Need help with your Extended Essay or Personal Project? Ms. Lenk, Ms. Romero and Miss Keus are here to help!

EE/PP Club is every Thursday in the library from 3:30 – 4:30.

See you there!

Looking for some help and guidance with your PP or EE? Come to the library on Thursdays from 3:30 – 4:30! Maybe you just want some focused head-over-laptop time. Maybe you want to bounce some ideas of people. Maybe you want to conference with a teacher expert. We are here for you!

NOTE: You can’t pop across the street for Coco or Mac’ers, so make sure you bring a quick snack before you attend PP club!

Middle School Band

Middle School Band starts on Monday, Day 3!

If you can play a band instrument, then we’d love to have you join our middle school band. You must be able to play one of these instruments: Woodwinds (clarinet, saxophone, oboe, bassoon, flute), Brass (trumpet, baritone, french horn, tuba, trombone), Strings (violin, viola, cello, contrabass), or percussion (bells, chimes, bass drum, triangle, snare drum, etc.)

(Just one of them — NOT ALL OF THEM!!!)

We perform in assemblies and at concerts throughout the year (Winter, Music Evening, Summer, etc.) Our practices are on Mondays after school and we’d love you to come in the upcoming week!

Please come to M252 to see Miss Keus and to get more information.

I Feel Good!

Do you feel good about finishing the year on a high and going into the summer holidays? If so, then sing, dance, or perform your joy! The NIS Community Rock Band (teachers, students, parents, etc.) are putting together a performance of James Brown’s “I Feel Good.”  This will be a virtual / online performance (multi-screen performance).

If you’d like to join, then please contact Ms. Keus who send you rehearsal files. We’ll need all the videos in by Monday morning of this upcoming week.

Here’s a YouTube sample to help you familiarise yourself with the song:


Music ASAs Yearbook Photos

Music yearbook photos will be taken today during the first half of lunch. Please get your temperature checked and then report immediately to the grassy area with your instrument.  If you have a costume (e.g. a drumming club), then please wear it. Otherwise, just normal clothes.

Thanks! See you then!

Assembly Music Performance

If you are interested in being in the next assembly music performance, please contact Miss Keus ASAP (as soon as possible).

If you have an instrument at home, you can play it!

If you don’t have an instrument at home, you can clap your hands or hit some pots.

You could sing… you could do a TikTok dance while others are performing.

This needs to be quick, though, so we’ll pick the music this weekend, we’ll send in our videos Monday and Tuesday, and I’ll edit it and get it to Mr. Lance by Wednesday.

This should be super cool! The first bunch of people to respond get to help choose the song!

Hello, I’m Chloe in Grade 10. For PP, I have made a Medical Service Guidebook for the expat community. Thanks for answering my survey last time. Some difficulties you have had using medical services in Nanjing were very helpful in making my product. Can you now please take a minute to give some feedback? The guidebook is attached below. Thank you!

Have you ever had a medical crisis in Nanjing?

Have you ever struggled in a Chinese hospital or pharmacy?

My Personal Project will help solve your problem.

I’m working on a medical service guidebook for my PP. Please take a minute to fill out this survey to help me help you with these kind of problems. Thank you, Chloe gr10.

PP Help in the Library

Wednesdays are a great day to get PP and EE help in the library! But did you know there’s now a Thursday option? Come see Miss Keus on Thursdays after school for help with your process journal, report, or a great pep talk.  You can do it! Go you!

Boomwhacker Needed

Hey teachers,

Are you looking to fulfill your volunteer requirements for Ms Anna before the end of the semester? Is your ManageBac looking empty? Well, I have an opportunity for you!

I have 7 very happy teacher volunteers who would LOVE to be hit over the head with a musical instrument during next week’s Winter Assembly… but I need 8. I’m looking for one more!

If you are interested, please let me know this week. Here’s your schedule:

Thursday lunch 1: MSUS teachers’ tech rehearsal

Thursday lunch 2: PS teachers’ tech rehearsal

Friday morning: MSUS and PS performances during the winter assembly



(PS: If I don’t get my last volunteer, I’m going to continue my current strategy of accosting people in their classrooms!)


Volunteer – Musicians Needed

Volunteers are needed for the NIC Benefit Concert to perform in a 4 person iPad / 4 person boomwhacker performance of Christmas songs. This is part of your volunteerism requirements.
If you are interested, please contact Miss Keus by tomorrow (Friday) at 3 p.m.

Pianist Needed

The Advanced Orchestra would like to thank DY for all his fantastic work last year and wish him best of luck in grade 12!

We are currently seeking a new pianist for Advanced Orchestra. Students should be between grades 6 – 11 and have exemplary skills on their instruments. The piano is the core of the orchestra, so you should have a minimum of grade 9 RCM or grade 7 ABRSM playing level  to apply (You do not need to hold these certificates, but this should be your performance level).  Rehearsals are once a week, regardless of whether school is in session (e.g. practices during 3 way conference days) and may includes weekends nearer to performances. Since this is the Advanced Orchestra, some performances are during weekends (e.g. Grade 12 Graduation).

If you are interested, please contact Miss Keus and arrange for an audition. You should play the most challenging piece you know.

NIC Benefit Concert Volunteers

The Music Department is currently seeking volunteers to perform at the NIC Benefit Concert. We are looking for musical performances based on a Christmas theme.

  • small ensemble / duet?
  • 4 person iPad orchestra?
  • Boomwhackers?

You must be able to attend a tech rehearsal on Friday, November 29th and the performance on Saturday, November 30th. You may need to have a weekend rehearsal in between.

If you are interested, please contact Ms. Heidi or Miss Keus.

Australian School Visit

On Tuesday, the 24th of September, a group of 44 middle school students from Australia will be visiting NIS to give a music performance / workshop. The topic will be a history of Australia, as seen through music.

Block 4: MSUS music students will attend during xBlock.  This will also include all grade 9 and 10 music students (see email from last week).  Advanced Orchestra students are allowed to attend if they get their teachers’ permissions beforehand.

Block 5: PS students will be attending after lunch.  They will sit on the floor of the middle music room, so there is plenty of space for any primary classes that still want to attend.

Please see Amy for more information. Thanks!

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