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Pfrang BBQ Musicians

Musicians wishing to perform at the September 23rd Pfrang Gala should speak with Miss Keus this week.  While there is a line-up already, next Monday we will be auditioning all groups to determine the running order. If you’d like to help Pfrang (service) while expressing yourself (creativity), then please come see Miss Keus.


Production Props Crew

We are currently seeking three additional Arts students able to create MYP/DP production props on Thursdays from 3:15 – 4:15, September to November.  If you are interested, please contact Miss Keus by Wednesday 3:15.


Monday Staff Briefing Minutes

Dear Colleagues,

Here is the link to Mondays’ staff briefing minutes.

All minutes are considered to be in draft format until Laurie approves them at the beginning of each week.

If you have questions about the content, then please see Amy. If you have questions about how to access the content, then please see Joe.






School Bells

Once again, it’s time to submit your bells for the year! If you would like to hear 15 seconds of your favourite song for a week, then please submit your suggestion to your advisory / homeroom, and then to student large storage. The bell schedule will be finalised by the 1st of September; bells will be scheduled by the Performing Arts Council.

Here’s some info:

  • appropriate for all levels of the school (even if it’s the instrumental part, but everybody knows the rest of the naughty song!)
  • 15 seconds long
  • Have a nice fade in and fade out (if possible)
  • Be in MP3 format
  • If you make your bell unique (a.k.a. annoying) on purpose, it may not last week week (Mr. WW!).
  • Bells must be placed in “Student Large Storage / School Bells” and in a folder with your advisory teacher’s name; multiple bell suggestions are very welcome.

If you need any help with cutting the bell (in GarageBand), you can contact Miss Keus for help.

Choir Meeting – Friday Lunch

Dear Choir Members,

We will be having a 10 minute, delicious choir meeting in which we will reflect upon last year’s performances and discuss this year’s upcoming repertoire. Please come promptly at the start of lunch… or suffer the crumb-sequences.

Miss Keus


Downloading Arts / PE Content

I have uploaded instructions (on Seesaw) for how to archive your content from this school year and have tagged everyone in each class. If you’d like to save your work (especially your final performances!) or if your mum or dad would like to save some cool videos, then please do so quickly. I am using a free account for Seesaw and will be deleting classes in July, and repopulating in preparation for the upcoming school year. Please see your P.E. teacher about whether you should archive for that class as well. Also, please remember that the music / drama folders on studentlargestorage will disappear this week, so please download any sheet music, production videos, etc., that you’d like to keep. Thanks.


Friday Disruptions

Dear Teachers,

Here is a list of students who will be in and out of your classes on Friday due to assembly performances:

MYP Assembly, 08:00 – 09:00:

Angus, Bravo, Casey, Chloe, Dahun, Edwin, Eric, Erica, Hellen, Henry, Hyeonseo, Hyunjun, Jaemin, Jake, Juhwan, Kiki, Robin, Saeim, Sohyun, Summer, Sunny, Taehyung, Tony, Yejin, Yoonji, Yujin, Blake and Yuki.

PYP Assembly & Sound Check, 09:15 – 10:00:

Bravo, Yuki, Summer, Casey, Tony, Kiki, Saeim, Erica, Jaemin, Dahun, Robin, Jonas, Lesaan, Seungyoub, Sophie, Willy, Sydney, Lennon, Juhwan, Taehyung, Chloe, Juhwan, Sangjin, and Jinhyung

Yearbook Signing Assembly: 10:00 – 11:00

Dahun, Robin, Jonas, Lesaan, Seungyoub, Sophie, Willy, Sydney, Lennon, Juhwan, Taehyung, Chloe, Juhwan, Sangjin, and Jinhyung

Note: The bands will not be required to sound check for the full 45 minutes, so please do have the students pop back to clean their lockers, give back their locks, etc. This is not a problem.

Thanks for your understanding!




After Wednesday’s choir performance, you might be thinking, “Hrm… I like cookies… they sing cool songs… more boys are joining… I really like cookies…”

Well guess what? Next year we are singing “My Shot” from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hip hop “Hamilton,” complete with four rappers. Seriously. And Miss Keus plans on spending the summer researching the most delicious, nut-free cookies in the whole world. Seriously.

If you want to join, just show up the 2nd Friday next year. Or, email Miss Keus to get an early sneak-peak at the music.


DP Music Showcase

Our DP Music students need to perform a minimum of 20 minutes of live music per semester for their performance portfolio. They’ve played in assemblies, charity events, and the big music evening, but now it’s time for them to pick up their last remaining minutes of the year. They’ve got to show you, the audience, that they can play a variety of different music genres, with good technical skills, in the correct style of music, while communication their feelings and emotions.

Please come to M251 (the music ensemble room) to watch a short concert featuring Charlie, Jack, and Daniel.


Battle of the Bands!

It’s finally here! This year’s Battle of the Band! All three houses have worked hard this week and they are all polished and ready to go!

M251 (music ensemble room) @ 1 p.m.

See you there!

Interhouse Battle of the Bands!

The music rooms are filled with the sounds of the 70s! It’s disco, baby! All three houses have brought their A games and are busy working hard. Tomorrow (Friday) is the Battle-of-the-Bands concert, so make sure you save a spot in your calendars!

Music Interhouse

After a slow start, the three houses are now busy practicing for the interhouse Battle-of-the-Bands competition during Friday lunch. We’ve got a rock band, an orchestra, and an interesting (cool) surprise. Let’s see who becomes the Kings and Queens of Disco! (and who possibly changes the course for the house shield, so late in the game!)

Interhouse Music Competition

So far, it looks like Xuanwu is the team to beat – they’ve already started practicing! Taiping is not far behind, because they’ve already had a strategy meeting. But where is Wutaishan? Are they MIA?!

There will be an Interhouse Music Competition meeting on Friday during the first half of lunch to make sure the teams are settled and the sheet music is ready.

See you then!

Quiet Music Suite

The Language A internal assessments (IAs) will take place on Wednesday, May 31st and Thursday, June 1st in the music ensemble room (M251). This means that all classes will be doing quiet, paperwork instead of practical work – final evaluations, reflections, finishing research project, etc. Please ensure that you have your laptop with you for these two days. Thanks for your understanding.

Interhouse Music Moved

This year’s interhouse music competition has been moved to Friday, June 9th. The good news is that you now have 1 1/2 weeks to practice. The bad news is that Xuanwu has already started practicing. The sheet music is on the server, and we have working microphones ready to go — please come into the music rooms during breaks, lunches, or after school to rehearse. May the best team (Wutaishan) win!

Interhouse Music Competition

May 31st. The ultimate battle-of-the-bands. Who will win the title of “King / Queen of the Disco?” So far, Xuanwu seems to be first in the running, with a dream team of musicians. Can Wutaishan and Taiping come up with something creative to wow the judges?  The music room will be open during breaks, lunches, and after school for any team that wants to practice. It will even be open on Tuesday’s holiday (please check for available times). Come see which house team will dominant this year’s Interhouse Battle-of-the-Bands!

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