Current Events

Current events definition:  contemporary developments in local, national, or world affairs.

They are the important political and social events happening in the world now.

A good place to start: Are there many news source around the world?

Other places to look include: Here is a good source for international news?

Unit vocabulary: CurrentEventsVocabG7Hum-1yf7s6k

Current Events Task: Look for a story that interests you in the last 7 -14 days – can be local, national or international

  1. The news can be about the arts, sports, politics, economy, people, places, entertainment…
  2. The story can be from a reliable online news source (ask me if unsure) or use the resource above.
  3. You can also read a story in your mother-tongue but explain it in English.

On a document – Summarize the main facts – give the

  • title of the story –
  • place – 
  • date of the story –
  • main facts – 

Name of the news source and the author (if there is one)

  • IS it local, national or international?
  • How would you categorise this news story – social, political, economic, intellectual and environmental? Explain your answer with examples.
  • What did you learn from reading this news story? Was this story a part of larger piece of news? Or a stand- alone story?
  • Why did you find this story to be interesting?

Be ready to share your Current NEWS in class

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