Café in Centre closed to PreK-G5 after school

Please remind the students up to G5 that the Café in the centre is closed to them after school unless they have a parent supervising them. YES: – buy a drink and a snack in the lunch cafeteria after school – wait for swim squad in the lunch cafeteria after school (Tuesdays and Thursdays) – […]


PTA Shop Hours

The PTA is happy to announce that our Shop will be open every Tuesday from 2:00-3:00. In addition, to accommodate staff who cannot visit on Tuesday after school, the Shop will open once a month on Tuesday from 12:30-2:00. We have many of our popular products from last year and NEW products. Come visit our […]


PS break time

We need to all be sending the same message – the students have two choices only: outside or gym (G3-5 only) ten minutes after dismissal from the cafeteria. Encourage students to take their water bottles and hats outside and to find a shady place under a tree or in the cool bamboo forest. Many students […]


Nanjing Maps

Nanjing Tourist Maps: To everyone who got a purple Nanjing International Club bag:  If you DON’T want your map, please donate it to grade 5. Give to any grade 5 teacher or leave in a mail box.  MANY THANKS! Steven Fielke, lindy Buckley, Taiga Shipley


Final Self Study

The final self study was sent out to the Visiting Team last week. If anyone would like to read it, it is available on One Drive at this link: NIS Self Study 2017 Everyone should already have full access but if you are new and would like help to navigate the self study or if you […]


Middle School: Hallways at Lunch

Hello 6-9th Graders, Tired of being spoken to my Mr. Bratton? Sick of getting told off by teachers? Want to stay safe and avoid future disciplinary issues? Just follow these simple lunchtime rules: 1. Take your bag to your locker immediately after lunch, hold on to your lunch card and/or lunch bag. 2. If you […]


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