Library trolley- please come back…

Our library trolley has been missing for a week, if you borrowed him or see him playing somewhere (he has library label on the body)  please send him home, we miss him so much. And if anyone wants to use him in the future please do let us know who you are and when you […]


Quiet Library- G12 Mock Exams

Just a reminder that the library will be reserved for quiet study during the Grade 12 Mock Exams (Feb. 28 until March 8). Only students wishing to read or work silently will be allowed in the library. All other students please use the upstairs of the cafeteria during break and lunch. Thanks for your support […]


Service Opportunities in ASA Cycle 3 – G6-11

We are now planning the ASA Cycle 3 and would like some MYP / DP students to help with some of these ASA. ASAs that we will need helpers for are: Tuesday: Dough Sculptures (PYP) Tuesday: Mask Painting (PYP) Thursday: Science (PYP) We may need helpers for others activities so if you are interested please […]


Service Opportunity for G6-11 Students

Do any of the following apply to you? If so, then this may be a Service Opportunity that you could do. Do you have some knowledge of Chinese and would like to improve it? Is Chinese your first language and you would like the opportunity help others understand China more? Do you want to understand […]


Space Hopping

Dear Grade 11 and 12 Students, This week I am prototyping Space Hopping with Grade 11 and 12 students. This is an idea to provide supported independent study in the Library during time you would usually be studying in the lounge and, for Grade 12 students between mock exams.  This means that you can work independently […]


Naming Contest

We only have a few entries so far and would like some more. We have been preparing a new section of the NIS website that will feature a photo gallery and YouTube-style video gallery of events and activities that are NIS-related. However, we are in desperate need of a creative and “cool” sounding name for […]


A Monday morning joke for you….

Why did the teacher write the assignment details on the window? She wanted the homework to be very clear! Speaking of homework: Homework Club will be held this Monday and Wednesday from 3:15-4:15 in the LSS area. It is open to ALL grade 6-12 students. Multiple teachers will be there to help with anything that […]


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