Digital Presentation of Information

Consider the following:
1. Content matches audience
2. Good organization:  (beginning, middle, end) or clear flow of ideas, easy to see big ideas vs details
3. Layout of text/information is attractive: well balanced, consistent use of limited fonts, colour
4. All visuals enhance presentation and are clear
5. Text on screen: use good colour contrast, font size large enough for audience to read, font type easy to read
6. Consistency of transitions, text, effects
7. Effects used only to enhance delivery of message 
8. Voiceovers are clear with appropriate volume 
9. Music type and volume are appropriate
10. All resources are cited using APA (information, pictures, music)


1. Overall
  • Video flows together well
  • Message (content) of the video is clearly expressed and able to be understood by the viewer
  • There is a clear beginning, middle and end
  • Introduction is compelling and hooks audience
  • Ending is a strong and effective conclusion
2. Video Footage
  • Well planned and purposeful
  • Is smooth – pans and zooms steady
  • Panning and zooming only when necessary to enhanced video
  • Is steady (use tripod when possible) (use stabilization in iMovie to correct)
  • Variety of shots for viewer interest (not all the same head shot throughout)
  • Variety of types of shots – wide angle, close up, etc.
  • Is clear
  • Lighting is good
  • Variety of camera angles used
3. Editing
  • ‘Best’ of footage is used – no redundancy
  • Cuts are in logical places
  • Use cropping where appropriate
4. Photos
  • Are clear (not blurry or pixelated)
  • Use crop and zoom where appropriate
  • Use digital editing features where necessary (for example lightening a dark image)
  • Use Ken Burns or not to enhance video (depends on the video and what author is trying to show)
  • Original or copyright free pictures/artwork is encouraged
  • Copyrighted images are credited
5. Transitions
  • Are consistent
  • Provide a natural effect from one part of the video to another
  • Type of transition fits the type of video
6. Titles
  • Use a consistent font
  • Are descriptive
7. Voice
  • Voices in video are clear and volume is loud enough to be heard, but not overwhelming
  • Additional Voiceovers are clear and volume is loud enough to be heard, but not overwhelming
  • Voiceovers match content
  • Voices are normalized where possible
  • Not a lot of additional background noise – this is removed as much as possible
8. Music
  • Type of music is appropriate to type of vide
  • Volume of music is appropriate – does not overwhelm voices – volume goes up and down as needed
  • Music is ramped up and ramped down as needed
  • At end of video, music either fades out or ends naturally (is not cut off abruptly)
  • Original or copyright free music is encourages
  • Changes in music have a purpose and match the content
  • Copyright music is credited
9. Other Audio
  • Any other audio such as sound effects is used to enhance video at appropriate places
  • Volume is appropriate
10. Citations/Credit
  • All copyrighted material is cited (video, photos, audio, music
  • NOTE: videos with any copyrighted material can not be posted to global sites such as YouTube
11. Video special effects
  • Video special effects always have a purpose and are used to enhance the message of the video


Note: all material is copyright free!

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