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Many thanks for all the bells that were submitted this week!  We now have the happy problem of more-bells-than-weeks for the rest of the school year. We still have a few scheduled weeks (e.g. DP exams, Brown, Bratton, Joyce & Norbraten), but will still try to get as many bells in as possible. We will also move some to August of 1819, before the next year’s schedule takes place.

Thanks for the influx of bells – we really appreciate it!

Reminder – Update your Microsoft Office

A reminder to all Students and Staff to regularly click “yes” to running the Microsoft updates. Not only will you get access to new and improved tools in your Office 365 suite of software, but your software will run better too. For more information, check out how to do it here.

No Open Gym today

There will be no Girls’ Open Gym today, but we’ll be back after the break! See you then!

Mr. Barder

CMB Notice

Dear all,

CMB will CLOSE on April 5, 6 and OPEN on April 7


uring Tomb Sweeping Day holiday.

Grace Song

Grade 11 Extended Essay and Senior Project: Preparing for Spring Break

Do you need some help with framing your research and setting targets for the Spring break?

Do you need a quiet space to ruminate over your EE research and ideas?

Come along to the EE session this afternoon. Mrs Romero and Ms Ham will be on hand to help you out!

When? Today, and every Thursday after school

What time? 3.15 – 4.15pm

Where? The library

Today Letter of Recommendation Celebration

Hello Teachers!

Please come and be celebrated for your much appreciated efforts!  If you have written letters of recommendations or done practice interviews this year

for our students, then come and grab a cup of coffee/tea/juice and a nibble.

Your time and thoughtfulness is appreciated!

When:  10:20  break this morning in the MSUS LGR.

Ultimate Frisbee

The Game About Throwing a Frisbee

What makes Ultimate Frisbee so ultimate is not that other sports are not ultimate, or are less ultimate, it’s because it is the only sport with the name that has the word ultimate within it, ultimately making Ultimate Frisbee indeed, ultimate.

When: Starting on the 26th of March, Mondays and Wednesdays after school, each will session will probably be from 40 minutes to an hour

Where: Football Field           Who: Grades 6 to 12                         What: Read the title again                          Why: Why not

Another thing about this activity is that none of these dates or grade levels are set, so if you are for example in grade 5 and want to join, email either Fari, or me, Muyen if you would like rot join. Or email Mr Hutchison.

Unrelated Fact: Notice the word “Frisbee” by itself is actually capitalized as this is a trademarked name by the Wham-O toy company, yet Ultimate Frisbee is still used as the name of the sport only using Ultimate Disc in official discussion. Also, it was the owner’s family name.

Changing Room Notice

Dear All

kindly be reminded that we are going to clean the fitness lockers again on 29th March  from 21:00-21:300.

Please do not leave your personal belongings in the lockers, and remember to return the key back to the front desk when you have finished exercising.

Any unclaimed items will be put in the Lost Property cupboards near the IT Offices,

Thanks for your cooperation!

Arek Owczarek

G3-10 MAP assessments – schedule

Good morning,

I am reposting the schedule for MAP below with a couple of small changes. Please check carefully.

Proctors have already received information about training dates and details about accommodations.  If you are a proctor and have not received this email from me, please let me know.

Reminder for MS/US: we will have an extended Block 1 for ALL Middle and Upper school on the following dates:

  • April 18 (Day 4), April 19 (Day 5), April 24 (Day 8), April 26 (Day 2). 

Please refer to the schedule and plan accordingly.

On April 23, G10s only will have extended Block 1 & Block 3.

Bells (again)

Many thanks to all the people who submitted bells yesterday morning. Also, thanks to those advisories who said they haven’t heard their bells yet. I’ll double check my schedule, see what happened, and make sure that any missing bells go in before I start plugging the holes.


Miss Keus

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