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G9-12 Inter-house football

Please contact your house captains if you would like to play in the G9-12 inter-house football tournament next week (Wednesday 18th April).

Teams need 7 players including a goalkeeper, plus subs.

Each house needs both a girls and boys team.

Please wear house shirts and suitable shoes.

MS/US Assembly Seating Plan

Hello Grade 6-12 Superstars,

Please review the attached “normal” seating plan by Advisory for our Friday assembly.

Here is a limerick to remind you of correct assembly etiquette:

There once was a kid from Xian Lin,

Who did not want to be late again

He set his alarm, which was great…

Was seated in the PAC before eight…

And stayed off his phone, for he knew that was a sin.

See you tomorrow!

Dartmouth College Visit April 19

Grades 9-12 students

Dartmouth College, in Northeastern USA, is a top research Ivy League university that has Division 1 sports.

A great opportunity for you to come and hear about what this university experience can offer you!

Thursday, April 19 at 12:50 in the MSUS/LGR

Gaming Room and PYPx

Hello Teachers,

Please find the attached rota for the uses of C151 (AKA The Gaming Room) by our PYPx students over the coming weeks. The room will remain accessible to MS students during Break and Lunch. but this is subject to change based on material storage needs.

FYI to all. Please see Jacqui P. with queries and Kasson with complaints 🙂

Gaming Room schedule



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