Early Years

Core practices

  • Provide students with provocations and invitations to explore concepts through play
  • Listen, observe and document students’ ideas and thinking
  • Establish a sense of community
  • Plan based on students’ interests
  • Immerse students in the host culture and language 
  • Facilitate and encourage student dialogue
  • Consult students in matters that affect them
  • Provide choice and learner agency
  • Develop an attitude of care and attention for things we do
  • Encourage reflection
  • Have conversations about students learning and development with colleagues



 Language Arts

Unit Resources:

 The Reggio Approach:

Books for teachers

The Hundred Language of Children
The Third Teacher
The Importance of Being Little
The Gardener and the Carpenter
Loose Parts

EY booklets for parents

Welcome to PreK 2018-19

Welcome to K1 2018-19

Welcome to K2 2018-19