First Six Weeks


At NIS we…

Core Practices

  • use the Responsive Classroom (RC) Approach “that focuses on engaging academics, positive community, effective management, and developmental awareness.”
  • begin our school year following the guidelines in the book The First Six Weeks of School (TFSWS)
  • facilitate Morning Meetings (TFSWS p.220, 257), Quiet Time (p.221, 258) and Closing Circles (p.221, 252)
  • use Energizers (p.252, 263) to transition, re-energize, or keep order during waiting times
  • use Interactive Modeling (p.255) for teaching procedures and routines
  • use Reinforcing, Reminding and Redirecting Language (p.261)
  • create Essential Agreements (Rules) with the students (p.258)
  • use Academic Choices (p.251) to structure confidence and competence building experiences

More Details

Morning Meeting – Student Favorites